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New Doom Community Project






SP doom2 (maps 1 - 32)

requires: Zdoom, Risen3d, etc...

Reviewer: Sematary


Download NDCP


Overall - SCORE: *











     I am in the process of playing this set of maps so there is no official review yet, nor screenpics. It won't be long, I promise! In the meantime, here is some info from the New Doom Community Project text file


    This project started on November 11th, 2002 when Xtife (Sparky) posted
on the Newdoom forums about the idea of us putting together a megawad. The idea took
off quickly and between the time this started and the release date, many mappers came
and went. A lot of map slots changed hands. Somewhere during development, Team leader
Sparky decided to pass the Leadership role on to myself (Doom_Dude) and since I was
already doing as much as possible, including maintaining the website, I decided to
take the lead. Anyhow a lot of hard working Doom Community members helped in getting
this done. Without the dedicated level designers this project wouldn't have made it to
finish. Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped out. I'm so glad it's done. :)

Gameplay Notes : As of the time of release the doom port Doomsday has issues with maps 06 and 27
which causes the port to crash. It is recommended you play using ZDoom, ZDoomGL,
Prboom, GZDoom, Risen 3D and Legacy.

This megawad does not contain secret levels so don't go looking for hidden switches
in maps 15 and 31. When you play through the exit switches will take you from map 15 to 31
then 32 and back to 16 without you having to search for secrets to get to these maps...

It's up to you, the player as to how you play this megawad. Either play each map from a
'pistol start'or play it through without restarting each level..

This is a single player megawad with coop starts included. We didn't have time to
playtest the Coop gameplay so play with that in mind.:








Playability -  rating: *



Level Design -  rating: *











































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