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Title : Mooncall
Filename : mooncall.wad
Release date : 09/27/16
Author : Insanitybringer
Email Address :
levels : map01 of Doom II
Source Engine : I used ZDoom (latest)








My Review:






            This was absolute TORTURE on UV. I was so fried after that I didnít bother with NM. HMP wouldíve been TOO easy after playing UV. It (the map) was frustrating enough to warrant a few choice cuss words; especially after running into THREE Archies!



 Man, I thought I was going to break my keyboard from mashing those buttons faster and harder than a jackhammer! My saving grace was the crossfire tactic. It was absolutely invaluable in this map, and it can be used to good effect. I found that there was plenty of health powerups about to get me thru the massacre, with plenty of ammo to boot. Thank goodness.






            This is a type of ancient ruins motif with old buildings and antechambers. There are lots of sniper points for baddies to pick you off, and plenty of tight spots to get caught in and overrun, so keep it moving. Not a whole lot of switches to find, and the ones you do come across are up front and obvious, so thereís no guess work as to what opens what. That feature saves travel time and leaves space for more fragging action, which you will get, and plenty of it.




            The mapper has modded the music which was rather blah, but thatís just a distraction. The action is hot and heavy, with areas where you will just simply get overwhelmed in quick fashion by heavy barrel baddies like Revies, Mancubi, and Archies. Just make a crossfire and get the hell out of the way and wait to frag the winners. There is a Cybie at the end level, but itís not alone.




The fights got so ugly at spots that I had to run off, draw out the baddies one at a time, and pick them off that way. It didnít always work and I ended up as steaming slag many a time, but, muddled thru eventually.

            The map itself is pretty big; set aside 40 minutes to see and experience it all.









            I enjoyed the map; itís got all the goodies a Doomer needs, and then some.








The sequel to Moonsong






























































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