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Luducrium for Doom 2




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Advanced engine needed : ZDoom
Primary purpose : Single play
Title : Luducrium
Filename : ludicrm.zip
Release date : December 8. 2015
Author : antares031
Email Address : antares031@naver.com
Other Files By Author : Antaresia, Struggle(WIP)

Description : I usually don't make slaughtermaps, but I decided
to create some levels that I normally hate. So here
it is. Please keep in mind that I usually do not
make(or play) slaughtermaps, and this is just
experimental one.

Additional Credits to : The voice of angry marine was from Crysis
* What is included *

New levels : 6
Sounds : Yes
Music : Yes
Graphics : No
Dehacked/BEX Patch : Yes
Demos : No
Other : No
Other files required : None

* Play Information *

Game : Doom 2
Map # : 6
Single Player : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : Maybe?

* Construction *

Base : New from scratch
Build Time : Two days
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder 2, Slade 3, Photoshop CS3
Known Bugs : MAP03 has graphical glitch, and MAP05 is just
unplayable with PrBoom.
May Not Run With : Just run it with latest ZDoom
Tested With : ZDoom 2.8pre










My Review (Review by Blue Paladin) 

Title: Luducrium

Filename: ludicrm.zip

Release date: December 8. 2015

Author: antares031

Email Address: antares031@naver.com















My Review:




            Just kiddin’! No, I wasn’t. This series of six maps for Doom 2 is, how can I put it…IN-FUCKIN-SANE! I used ZDoom The rig I play Doom on is a machine I built with nostalgia in mind: AMD Athlon 1400, ATI Radeon 7500 in a PCI slot, 1.2GB of ram, 2 250Gb WD IDE hard drives, Soundblaster Live! PCI Card, Windows XP…all sitting on an ASUS A7A266 mobo. Now, enough with the specs, and on to the meat…



            This is a very simple, wide open kind of wad. This mod runs from maps 01-06. Not a lot of spots to duck and dodge; in fact, there’s NOTHING to protect you, so RUN.

I though this was too much, but it’s ‘slaughter map’, so it goes with the territory. On some levels there were so many baddies that ZDoom slowed to a crawl until I cleared some of them out! I mean, it really came to a stop, almost! I’d never experienced that before. Maybe it’s the Athlon 1400…too much to render? Overtaxed the GPU? IDK. I don’t put that on the mapper tho; that’s all software acceleration on my end.

The weapons and ammo had been modded; some ammo cases are tagged for infinite, so you’ll run out of hit points way before you run out of ammo. Also, the baddies have also been modded; you can one-hit a Cybie with a BFG 9000, or frag a Revie with one rocket. I’ve sent Bulls literally flying in the air from rocket blasts, sprayed the wall with Imp offal with a BFG. Not that it eases the pain; you will die. A LOT. But, to come back and splatter every living thing with big guns is what gives a Doomer a woodie. 



            Yeah, I know. I don’t give perfect tens out easily. But, shit this wad was crazy! I got pasted at level starts so fast that I got headaches each time. The Cybie level was the absolute worst! And, I emphasize WORST. If you like to explore the many ways to end life in Doom, this is your cup of tea. As I wrote previously, the ammo and baddies are modded, so it kinda increases the odds a bit, but you will die; oh boy, will you die! I got waxed so many times on level ONE alone that I lost count! All I can say is, learn to run fast as hell. Plow a path through the mobs and haul natural ass!



            Why five? Because there’s no WAY I would go through something this insane a second time. There’s just no fun in it for me. For a sadist? Sure. A drunk? Absolutely. For the average dude who just wants to have fun? Meh…



            This is a hardcore slaughterhouse full of death and mayhem with big assed guns. Dead simple. For me, it was a ‘once and done’ kind of thing. But, if slaughtermaps are the bee’s knees for you, then get it! If you are just curious and want to play a new wad, get it! If you’re looking for exploration and puzzle solving, nope, not here. I kinda enjoyed it, but being dead and frustrated the entire time is, well, frustrating. Still, I got a kick out of the heavy barrel action!