Ancient Aliens (a megawad) by Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne for Doom2





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Archive Maintainer : Please place in levels/doom2/ports/megawads
Advanced engine needed : Boom compatible
Primary purpose : Single player

Title : Ancient Aliens
Filename :
Release date : Some day Soon
Author : Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : Sector 666 (
Aeternum (
Vanguard (
Lunatic (
Hanging Gardens (
Valiant (
Valiant: Vaccinated Edition (
Sawdust (

Contributions to various community, team, and
personal projects, including Back to Saturn X
Episodes 1 and 2, Stronghold: On the Edge of
Chaos, ZPack, Community Chest 4, Unholy Realms,
and various 32in24 sessions.

Misc. Author Info : Makes maps for Doom

Description : Ancient Aliens is a megawad featuring 32 colorful,
action-packed maps for Boom compatible ports.

Go on a journey to discover the truth about the
enigmatic origins of human civilization...

I'm not saying it was aliens, but... the truth
is out there.


Port Differences : ZDoom-based ports and Eternity use MAPINFO for
episode selection and story screens.

Additionally, in Zdoom-based ports and Eternity,
ACS is used to play sound effects occasionally.
This is way more cool than it sounds.


** Credits **

Mapping : skillsaw

Music : stewboy

Testing : AD_79

Coop Testing : Alfonzo

Texture Credits : NiGHTMARE
Fredrik Johansson
Ola Bjorling
Huy Pham
Iikka Keranen
zrrion the insect
Blue Shadow
GothicDM Team
Eternal Doom Team
id Software
Ion Storm
Raven Software
Rogue Entertainment
Valve Software

Sprite Credits : Eriance
3d Realms

Fonts : Mechadon

Status Bar Font : AgentSpork

Palette : skillsaw
(purple range is from BTSX)

ENDOOM : Altazimuth

Final ending text : dew

ACS multiplayer fix : rhinoduck

Misc Graphics, Splash
Screens, Status Bar : skillsaw

Sound Credits : Eriance
Raven Software
Rogue Entertainment

Map Listing : MAP01 - "The Ancient Navajo Wolf Warp" by skillsaw
MAP02 - "Sanctum of the Wastes" by skillsaw
MAP03 - "Arachnotron Arrival" by skillsaw
MAP04 - "Bad Medicine Men" by skillsaw
MAP05 - "Last Refuge of the Anasazi" by skillsaw
MAP06 - "Sinkhole Showdown" by skillsaw
MAP07 - "Dare to Fly Where Eagles Soar" by skillsaw
MAP08 - "Ancient Aliens" by skillsaw
MAP09 - "The Nectar Flow" by Joshy
MAP10 - "Gift of Denial" by skillsaw
MAP11 - "On the Origin of Spacies" by skillsaw
MAP12 - "Magenta Heat" by skillsaw
MAP13 - "Polychromatic Terrace" by skillsaw
MAP14 - "Blazing Boulevard" by skillsaw
MAP15 - "Wormhole Junction" by skillsaw
MAP16 - "Leave Your Sol Behind" by skillsaw
MAP17 - "Daylight Under a Dark Sol" by skillsaw
MAP18 - "Illuminati Revealed" by skillsaw
MAP19 - "Crash Landing" by skillsaw
MAP20 - "Code" by AD_79
MAP21 - "Cyberbullying: Beyond Earth" by skillsaw
MAP22 - "Acerola-Orion" by esselfortium
MAP23 - "Trinary Temple" by Pinchy
MAP24 - "Culture Shock" by lupinx-Kassman (additional mapping by skillsaw)
MAP25 - "Xenoarboreum" by skillsaw
MAP26 - "Egyptian Metaphysics" by Tarnsman
MAP27 - "Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls" by skillsaw
MAP28 - "Floating Arena" by Joshy
MAP29 - "The Ones Behind It All" by skillsaw
MAP30 - "The End" by skillsaw
MAP31 - "Grey Dwarf" by stewboy
MAP32 - "Ossuarium Exoterre" by skillsaw

Music Listing : MAP01 - "Flee"
MAP02 - "The Incessant Flow of Time"
MAP03 - "Depth Charge"
MAP04 - "Desk Lamp"
MAP05 - "Toe Jazz"
MAP06 - "Roof"
MAP07 - "Featherfall"
MAP08 - "Hell Jungle"
MAP09 - "The Demons Serenade"
MAP10 - "Vase"
MAP11 - "Spacetrain"
MAP12 - "Web of Steel"
MAP13 - "Gold Rush"
MAP14 - "Moonwalk"
MAP15 - "Hypercube"
MAP16 - "Space Jiggle"
MAP17 - "Other Side of the Moon"
MAP18 - "Trapeze"
MAP19 - "Long Night"
MAP20 - "20 Goto 10"
MAP21 - "Basement"
MAP22 - "The Last Dance"
MAP23 - "The Greater Good"
MAP24 - "Imaginarium"
MAP25 - "Alien Forest"
MAP26 - "Tales of Old"
MAP27 - "Garden of Lost Souls"
MAP28 - "Gigabridge"
MAP29 - "Colliding Nebulae"
MAP30 - "Yuletide"
MAP31 - "Tribal Dance"
MAP32 - "Birdsong"
Intermission - "Concentration"
Title - "Welcome to Egypt"
Text screen - "Martian Blues"


* What is included *

New levels : 32
Sounds : Yes
Music : Yes
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : Yes
Demos : Yes
Other : MAPINFO, PLAYPAL, etc.
Other files required : None

* Play Information *

Game : Doom 2
Map # : MAP01-MAP32
Single Player : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Designed for
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : Yes

* Construction *

Base : Texture wad based on 32in24-14 resource
Build Time : 15 months
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder 2 , GZDoom Builder, Slade, WhackEd,
GIMP, Notepad++
Known Bugs : None
May Not Run With... : Gameplay mods that change the palette or don't
use .png graphics.

If you encounter garbled texture graphics while
using a mod try changing the load order.











I don't know what I would do without my long time friend, Eric Buck, who takes the time out of HIS life to play these maps and do these reviews, so that I can focus on things like This Week in Doom, which is faithfully put together every week (for the most part) by one of my newer Doom friends, Vinny. He does a great job and doesn't miss much in the world of Doom on a weekly basis. So, I wanted to thank Eric for taking nearly a full day out of his life for playing through what looks like a terrific set of maps. It is THAT kind of dedication that makes Eric an awesome Doomer and allows me to focus on other duties pertaining to maintaining the website - updates, changes, etc... It's a hard job but someone has to do it. lol

15 months of putting together this beast tells me that they really did the work and judging from the screenshots and Eric's review, I'd say they are about spot on. The environments look appropriately "alienish" and the only thing I would hope to see going forward from them is more work on the sprites to basically remove all the Doom elements altogether, and based on this thread over on Doomworld, it looks like that's the direction it's heading....


DIFFICULTY: 7.9 (9.3 on Nitemare)     



TIME WASTED: 7 hours, 48 mins

ENGINE USED: ZDoom 2.7.1

LEVELS: Full IWAD for Doom II



          Got a day with nothing going on? Here ya go.


          Based loosely upon the Ancient Aliens franchise (and even has a sprite of the A.A. host as the mouse pointer), this spans all levels of Doom II and has a ton of content, new textures and music, even new sprites of the Mancubus, Spider Demon, and some soldiers who cloak when attacked. Each level is pretty big, demanding time and patience. But, is it worth playing thru? Read on.


          Even on the easiest difficulty, you will get tasked; there are a ton of enemies lurking in every corner, every nook and cranny, waiting to drop your liver into the dust. I really enjoyed just looking at stuff, while the action slowed down. This mapper put a LOT of hard work into this wad and it shows nicely. Everything is put together with a kind of mash-up between Meso-American and high tech dťcor. There are even moving walkways, neon floor tiles that vanish and re-appear, and hovering UFOs even.

          There will be lots of going back and forth for switches and to see which areas opened up for exploring, but thatís par for the course; what is Doom without the switches? Most of the down time I had was searching for secrets and more ammo; thereís plenty of that and to spare. Just when I think that Iím a dead duck, I find a stash of health vials or a couple of stim packs in a dark corner that I just ducked into, so no worries about supplies for the road here. There is lots of sniping going on here, so I just kept moving and ducking behind stuff to dodge the attacks.

          The replacement sprites arenít all that imposing; they can be ghosted by a few rockets hits, or whittled down by shotgun fire. The Spideys are a pain though, because they fire off more rounds than the original sprite.   

          All in all, this is a very nice, very unique wad that you will enjoy. Download and get at it!    












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