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Inner Base Doom 2 wad 



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Title: Inner Base.

Author: Carlos Lastra.

Email: jack_steel@hotmail.com


It's designed for Doom 2; built with Doom Builder 2, using zdoom settings.

This level has 5 secrets.

You can play in different dificulties.

A Secret room with blue stuff in it.

This medium size map was an evolution of just a detailed room. I added
another room, then another one, etc... without too much thought on
how this would end. What it means is that I didn't have an initial structure.
But I tried to maintain a certain theme, and kept making links within rooms
and tried to achieve some cohesion.

I used Doom Builder 2, with zdoom settings. I think the only special trait used is a simple slope in one room.
In the middle of the building process, I discovered that the player could jump in ZDoom!
So, if you find some invisible walls, you know why ;). I designed this with
vanilla Doom 2 in mind.

Since nobody has playtested this, and map builders are bad at playtsting their
own levels (they know every single detail), I don't realy know its real difficulty.

With all of this in mind, I hope you enjoy it,

Copyright / Permissions:

You can distribute this file freely, as long as this .txt file is included.










My Review (Review by Blue Paladin) 

MAP:  Inner Base (innerbase.wad) 

AUTHOR: Carlos Lastra {email: jack_steel@hotmail.com} 

EDITOR USED: DoomBuilder

PORT: ZDoom, all difficulties designed for





I played on HMP and UV, and it wasn’t too hard at all. In fact, it was a breeze. I got clipped a few times, but there was plenty of health powerups to be had. The action was pretty straight forward with not a lot of traps. It’s pretty much ‘what you see is see what you get’.



            There was a slope made to look like a service track for cargo tucks; nifty. A few secrets, and the switches weren’t hard to find or figure out. The textures are traditional, but clean and well used. The structuring is nicely done and moves the action along well. You get more than enough of powerups and ammo to get thru, a good balance of baddies to lay out. Not bad at all!



            This is a ‘once and done’ map. Not that it’s bad; it was fun and very short. Once you’ve seen it all, you’ve done it all. But, hey… play on Nightmare with one eye closed! I dare ya! I dare ya! I triple dog dare ya!



            Very short, fast, easy to play thru map. It’s good fun, while it lasts, then it’s on to Steam…or…something like that.