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Abyssal Speedmapping Session 23 (XXIII)





Advanced engine needed : Boom
Primary purpose : Single play
Title : Abyssal Speedmapping Session 23 (XXIII)
Filename : abyspe23.wad
Release date : 11/16/2015
Authors : Jimmy - Project Lead
walter confalonieri
Jaws In Space

Email Address : jamespaddock@hotmail.com (Jimmy's email address)

Misc. Author Info : The Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions were once held by
Obsidian, now hosted by TMD and are open for pretty
much anyone to participate in. PM TheMionicDonut on
Doomworld, or TMD on irc.oftc.net or the Abyss if
you're interested.

This special Halloween session was hosted by Jimmy.

Description : 17 maps made during the twenty-third Abyssal
Speedmapping Session in the space of about 3 hours,
with 20 minutes for music and texture selection and
a bunch of time after for bugfixing.

This session was held in two "rounds" for the
convenience of folks who couldn't turn up to one or
the other.

Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from:
- Monster count exactly 75 (discounting lost souls)
- Locked doors that can be opened with any key
- Use of Commander Keens and tag 666

Plus a bonus theme for those who showed up to round 2:
- Voodoo dolls out in the open

A spooky resource WAD was provided (credits below).

Credits to : Id Software for Doom II
CodeImp of Doom Builder 2
SirJuddington for SLADE3
Exl for WhackEd4

Additional Credits to : All the people who mapped, on and off call
Fuzzball for the INTERPIC
SavageCorona for the STBAR
Marcaek for making a map that didn't get in
KingDime for streaming a playthrough

Textures taken from:
koultex.wad - RottKing
rfhelltx.wad - Ravagefox
psytex.wad - Psyren
erattex.wad - Jonathan Rimmer
cfmanson.wad - Crista Forest, aka CD Warrior & Derek MacDonald aka Afterglow

New graphics used:
PCorf for the WOS interpic on which the titlepic/creditpic is based
Some recolors/edits by Jimmy & Blue Shadow
Zombieman and baron replacements by Vader
Shotgunner replacement by Carbine Dioxide
Chaingunner replacement by Joel Huenink
Cacolantern by Lexus Alyus
Commander Keen replacement by Xaser Acheron
Skull key replacements from Secret of Mana, ripped by Davias, edited by Jimmy










My Review (Review by Blue Paladin) 

Here’s the result of several mappers getting together, mashing up their skill sets and resources. A very impressive and fun project, this has become! I used ZDoom 2.7.1 to run thru it.  


            Not for the greenhorn or the pathetically old and rusty, that I am. But, it has all of what you need for a 17 level frag fest in the realm of the Undead and demonic. Ammo and weapons are spaced out well and rationed. In fact, the first level, you only get a chainsaw to hack your way most of the way thru! It was hellish until Mr. Archie shows up near the end, and then, cataclysmic demise. Most of the time, I was quite dead… still, I leaned mostly on the saw and 12 gauge shotty for most of the levels, saving the heavy barrels for the big McNasties that are aplenty.  

DESIGN: 9.3 

            Custom textures and nice sprite mods. I really liked the headless soldiers! It also has custom MIDI tunes that riffed away while the Imps wailed away. This is a very clean, very well done IWad that will keep you taking notes while taking a pasting every ten seconds. Some levels were a bit TOO dark, but that just lends to the atmosphere of the map. No worries. On the third map, the objective was a bit too obscure and had me wandering about for a bit trying to figure it out. But, I’m old, and a young dude made it….meh. It’s 17 levels long so set aside a couple of hours! 


            In large wads like this, there’s always that “what if” variable; what if I tried this or strafed that way, or just went berserk and sloshed the crap out of everything…is that even possible? Yeah, you’ll want to run thru this one a couple of times to see, sniff, and score everything. I would definitely give this one another go. 



Yeah, ok. Why not ‘10’, you ask? I never give a perfect score! This wad is as good as it gets, deals a shitload of death and mayhem, and made me forget about my bruised foot! Hey, that’s gotta account for something! Anyway, this is a winner, download it, get some snacks and go at it!