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Filename: tdutrcp.wad, tdutrcp.txt (this file), mapinfo.txt

Release date: July 2012

Version: 1.2

Author :The Doom Universe

Email Address: pellepositiivi123 AT hotmail.com

 Description : Every Doomer has many unfinished maps lying on HDDs. We've bugfixed and completed some of those maps and thus this project has been born. Because of the various map themes, it's been called "Total Randomness". Read the "map descriptions" section below for individual map info.


This is a full on conversion of the Doom II IWad made of different maps of varying styles and difficulty. It’s pretty much a hodge-podge of archived material that was dusted off and edited for television.










DIFFICULTY: 7.7  It varies from run and gun to duck and cover. But, the average Doomer will finish this with a bloody nose. There’s powerups aplenty and ammo to boot. And, trust me; NOTHING goes to waste here!


DESIGN: 8.7  The maps reflect the style and mindset of the mappers of the period. Some maps are gigantic sized one room types where you get the shit sniped outta you, others are of the byzantine type where there are false walls, ambushes…well, you know the deal. Some have more than enough supplies to get you thru the level, others, not so much. Since this is a random setup, not a motif or anything like that, I just take the maps as they come and gauge the design from that standpoint. Some maps are real dull, others eye-popping, some with shitty textures, others not. It’s not the textures I focused on, it’s ACTION, which was always tight.


REPLAYABILITY: 9  Yeah, this is like one of those oldie but goodies. Dated as hell, but just like an Atari 2600; fun to go back to and see just how much you sucked to begin with. You will beat up the keys on this one.


ORIGINALITY: 7.5 Well, there are some snazzy tricks and traps, but overall, it’s the classic stuff. Not too original, but these maps used original concepts and twisted them around a bit for freshness, and it worked well.




Definitely worth a run thru. I spent the whole weekend on this one (jumping between this and Wolfenstein:The New Order, actually) and had a blast. I am AMAZED at the antiquity of this game (Doom), and yet here I am on Windows 10, over 20 years later, playing this, cussing it out, getting finger cramps…

gawd, I love gaming!