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The Gap FOR Doom 2 (map01)







Title: The Gap

Filename: thegap.wad

Release date: 2015/09/13

Author: Skumball

Email Address: simongoddard4@yahoo.co.uk

Description: Shotgun shells across the gap, but where is the shotgun?


* What is included *

New levels: 1


* Play Information *

Game: DOOM2
Map #: Map01
Single Player: Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player: No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player: No
Other game styles:
Difficulty Settings: Not implemented


* Construction *

Base: New from scratch
Build Time: 1 week
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Known Bugs:
May Not Run With:
Tested With: Zandronum + Brutal Doom











Reveiewed by:  Fonze
Works in zDoom. Teleporting imps are stuck in PrBoom+

Gameplay: 9/10
The gameplay was solid; fun little map to play. Close quarters combat mixed with ammo conservation to the extreme will have you questioning whether-or-not to kill that baron or try to skip him. No health pick-ups will have you leaning towards the former.

Level design: 7/10
Over-all, I really liked the way the level was designed. It was interesting going back and forth, hitting switches that opened paths leading around and back to the Gap. Couple things could have been done better, in particular the part with the lift taking you down right in front of an imp that seems to hit me every time. I also noticed another thing after playing this a few times: the teleporting imps all teleport to the same spot, which makes it likely to be blocked, and also funny to look at as you mow them down. Also, the SSG wasn't marked as a secret, even though it is.

Thing Placement: 9/10
I really liked thing placement. I felt like every monster had a purpose, which is something I really appreciate. Ammo was juuust right, as long as the player uses the pistol and doesn't waste shots. Didn't have to punch a thing. Which was good because there were no health pick-ups throughout this tiny map, aside from 4 health bonuses...

Aesthetics: 6/10
This map's biggest fault is its aesthetics. It just looks so basic. Some textures should have been unpegged, such as the side wall that houses the health bonuses. Also, the monster closet which I'm guessing houses the teleporting imps wasn't hidden.

Over-All: 8/10
This map has only 31 monsters and was a blast to play. Give it a shot as soon as you can and great job Skumball!































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