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Based on the id classic, “Wolfenstein 3D.” Stein.wad takes place during the 1940’s in an alternate reality in which clandestine research efforts and appeals to ancient, evil deities are about to give Germany an overwhelming advantage in World War II. This series includes period-accurate imagery and design elements relating to the setting and theme. Anyone who may be offended by the theme or images used in the series should refrain from playing it. The story is as follows…
In May, 1943, British intelligence received credible information regarding a German research facility at a remote castle named “Wolfenstein.” Not much is known about the nature of the research done there, but rumors abound. Some think powerful new weapons are being developed there. Others think that doctors use the fortress to conduct experiments on human subjects – using surgeries, drugs, or both – to engineer the perfect soldier: larger, stronger warriors who can go days or even weeks without sleep.
Little is known of the Commandant of Wolfenstein’s forces. He is said to hold frequent staff meetings. The meeting times, locations, topics, and members are all kept secret from those not attending. Even the lower officers consider the Commandant rather mysterious, if not a bit eerie. He is never seen in person by anyone other than his closest advisors, who relay his orders. Due to the isolated environment and the secretive nature of the facility, it seems possible that the Commandant may be distancing himself from the central command in Berlin and becoming something of a cult figure within the castle.
As the top covert operative and intelligence agent in the United States, the Allies have asked you to infiltrate the castle, determine the nature of the facility there, and report back to our operatives in Europe for extraction. You are cleared to use your firearm at your discretion. Remember, this operation will turn the tide of the war.











Difficulty:  6


I probably should have given this a higher score, but the only reason it had any difficulty at all was because most of the creatures are invisible. If it weren't for that, this set of maps would be a cake walk

Playability:  2
I couldn't even finish it. I got so bored with the mazes and such in level 3 (which is absolutely HUGE) that I finally said fuck it and moved on with my life.

Design:  3
Map 1 was a complete waste of time and effort. Bland blue Wolfenstein walls in a maze format with nothing interesting of note - no decent battles, nothing to break up t he monotony - an absolute snoozer. Level 2 was interesting - compelling even at times, and of much better design. Level 3 was the map that finally made me just hang my head in exasperation at the wasted space and useless and pointless mazes. Not to mention the HOM's that were in the actual interesting areas. I honestly don't think I've ever played a set of maps this bad and given it a review.

Overall:  like 3.5 or something
So, the author sets out (in his story - look left) to give you the impression that he's setting up some sort of

story line that the maps actually put on display. Not exactly. He might as well become a writer because the story was WAY better than the actual maps they describe - see above. The whole thing was this weird mix of Wolfenstein and Doom and not in a good way. There wasn't really much except some of the textures that even made you think of Wolfenstein.

Invisible monsters can be cool, but not when an entire level is inhabited by them. I'll give him this - the ammo was fairly well balanced with the gameplay and I had to do some hunting, as well as planning, to make it through some of it, but that was LITERALLY the only good thing about these maps - except for Level 2, the design sucked. I didn't even bother with 4 and 5. Level 3 "could" have been cool and at times it was, but it was just way too large and ridiculous - not to mention the HOM's. Too bad. Good concept - bad execution - like the Red Sox. :-)

I think I'm going to pull something else out of the archives to see if I can find a decent map to review.




5 levels for Doom2 that honestly, I wasn't impressed with.






















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