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Nebula 95: Drown Stone Casette B (set 4)

for doom 2!






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Title : Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine

Filename : neb01.wad
Release date :
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Nebula Shring














When I first read the text file and it said that the set of maps I was about to play was a tribute to the 90's maps, I was like ..... what????? uggggg. Ok. So, I fired up Risen3d and created myself a batch file to load the sound file (why didn't the author just include it in the wad?) because my version of risen3d can only load one external wad at at time. ???? Anyway, before I discuss the first part of the project, I just want to make a comment on the music - 70's porn at it's best in my humble opinion. It was awesome! :-)


Final thought before the review - and keep the music in mind (the sound file also includes things like ricochet sounds for bullets and such) - this entire map seems to be designed with fun in mind - from the cartoony graphics in the menu's to the ridiculous 70's porn music, this map just wants you to have fun - so have some fun!

Design: 10  (daddy wants more!)
i don't normally bestow a "10" on many maps - very, very, few in fact, but this map roundly deserves it. No - there were no "cool" 3d effects or see through doors or any of the other stuff that I really should be seeing in modern maps (is anyone designing truly 3d maps these days?) but the design was absolute genius. i'm not even exaggerating. the author designed a well thought out map that absolutely worked! and, it looked good to boot! all the textures worked well together - creatures were hidden in such a way that you're sitting there going - where the F*** is that chaingun fire coming from? you'll discover it - trust me. all you have to do is look at the pictures. it is obvious that the author put some thought behind this map and when you play - oh my god - genius. nuff said

one last thought  - the author chose to add a gratuitous first map in the mix which essentially challenges you to do nothing but reach the switch and get to level 2. don't get it, but you can do it in less than 20 seconds and then get to the real fun.

Difficulty: 8
certainly not the most difficult map you're going to play this year but it was plenty difficult on uv and often times i found myself low on ammo (and health) but i muddled through, saved often and attempted to use the right weapon at the right time so i didn't end up wasting precious ammo on a lesser creature that i could kill with a lesser weapon. regardless, i was fragged often and between the revenants and the spiders and the unwashed masses of chaingunners, revenants, imps, etc... i had my hands full. map 2, the real map, opens with you holding a handgun and looking at a bunch of soldiers and imps. there is a shotgun in the middle of the room and a baron to your right outside of your room and above you. ignore him for the time being - just keep moving. much like a dm map, you don't want to stop moving or you will be dead. count on it. after that initial battle to gain control of the situation, you can pretty much work your way methodically through the map and the bestiary. and, while it is linear in a fashion, it doesn't feel linear - if you get my drift. anyway, enjoy the battle. there are three more maps that go with it. i'll be reviewing them separately. enjoy!

Playability: 9
i gotta tell you, there aren't many maps that hold my interest for very long. either they are way too difficult or the design is boring or they just plain suck. this map is just difficult enough on uv to keep you moving and is also just a flat out well planned map. i would go back to this in a heartbeat after awhile just to experience it again - yes, it was that much fun to play!

Overall: \it's a keeper
if you' consider yourself a doom god - you might want to go with nightmare, but for the rest of us, this is a really fun map on uv that will probably have you swearing (repeatedly) as you load your last save but in the end - totally worth every minute you spend in this particular doom universe.















































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