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Mars wars megawad for doom 2






Title : MARSWAR V3.01
Author : Nathan Lineback
Email Address : lineback@toastytech.com
Misc. Author Info : These are some old levels I originally did
back in 1995, with some anti M$ stuff added
in 98.
Requirements : Doom II V1.9 or a port such as Skulltag,
Zdoom, or Jdoom.


* Play Information *

Map # : All Doom 2 levels.
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : One
New Musics : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
Demos Replaced : All


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Mars Wars by Nathan Lineback


Reviewer: Seb


Difficulty: 6


The first few levels were so easy even on UV that I was tempted to skip them altogether. However, the difficulty soon picks up from Map 4 onwards as the author finally realises that Former Humans and Imps aren't the only enemies in Doom's bestiary. Even then, the action is decent but lacking the pressure and intensity to really challenge an experienced player. The progression feels weird, as the maps give me both the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Rifle before I had even found a Shotgun! From around Map 10 onwards the difficulty gets serious, but is inconsistent from map to map, giving the impression that there isn't much continuity between levels. Some areas felt irritating because you simply weren't given enough medkits, then the next level throws armour and health at you all over the place. Personally I prefer extreme battles with plenty of intermittent health available, as opposed to sprinting through the entire map on 5% health hoping not to be sniped by one of the many Former Sargeants or Commandos lurking around.


Design: 5


To begin with, the maps are simply too large, with many open areas that just don't contain anything worth mentioning. Map 1 gives a bad impression with a few secrets that don't offer any risk VS reward, as there are simply no enemies or hazards to be found. The vastness of these areas correlates directly with the difficulty; you have so much room to manoeuvre that even the rooms with large quantities of enemies are easily dealt with. As the game goes on however, the design begins to improve drastically with a decent sense of spatial awareness and well placed textures. There is definitely a varying level of creative skill on show, indicating that the author created these maps over time with different levels of experience. As a side note, the soundtrack seems like an ill-fitting selection of midis grabbed at random from Google and, while some are cool, others are just weird. So feel free to boot up XWE and purge the errant elevator music if you feel so inclined.


Playability: 7


As previously mentioned, the early levels are just boring. However, the combat is relentless and fast paced as the game goes on. Even though I felt it was too easy at times, this didn't stop me from enjoying the act of dispatching gratuitous hordes of hellspawn. There is a decent variety in enemies and while the author does seem to favour massive groups of weaker ones, these are always fun to annihilate with the Rocket Launcher. The only thing stopping me from giving it a higher rating here is that some levels require too much effort to find keys. There are countless mazes and tons of rooms that do nothing but contain than a few items and enemies, so it becomes a chore when you forget which rooms you've already checked and have to backtrack several times. Maybe I just have a terrible sense of direction (I struggled even with the use of the minimap) but at times it became frustrating because I just wanted to get on with killing stuff.


Overall: 6


Don't judge this Megawad by its earlier levels. It takes a while to get good, but has some entertaining gameplay in spite of its flaws.


























































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