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Title : HardWeps revision 2
Filename : hardweps_r2.wad
Release date : April '13
Author : jwaffe/75
Email Address : j w a f f e 7 5 (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m
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Description :

This wad represents my attempt at creating a new,
interesting style of difficulty,
it is a little rough at this point but I plan on refining this extreme difficulty level
over time as I get better at coop / single player

I highly recommend choosing an engine that you
are comfortable with, be it vanilla doom, Boom, zdoom, etc., because these maps
demand extremely fast, extremely precise motion
due to the intense fights you will encounter.

Please do not jump or crouch in the maps, aside from that feel free to experiment with freeaim,
autoaim, etc.


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Taking a page out of Bob's book for the difficulty rating here. These maps are utterly unforgiving! Map 1 forces you to tackle tough monsters in tight areas using the Rocket Launcher, which requires precision skill and judgement, lest you explode your face. Infighting is your friend especially if you can get those damn Archvilles to blast a Revenant or two (even if they bring them back a second later). As I said before, I try to condone beating maps in a single run but unless you have the patience of Buddha, I suggest quicksaving frequently between battles. Map 2 (which should be played separately according to the author, from Pistol start) relieves you of the Rocket Launcher and finally gives you the Super Shotgun. However, it's even more difficult and once again you're packed into tight enclosures full of Revenants, Cacos and Archvilles. Unfortunately I couldn't beat Map 2 as I ran out of ammo and inevitably health after unlocking the blue door, but I don't think it is impossible. Had I more time on my hands, I'd be willing to keep trying.

Design: 9

Both maps are really well crafted and everything works as it should. The textures are consistent thematically and there is a nice variety in lighting (less evident in my screenshots because they come out much brighter for some reason). Both maps make full use of the Y axis, with threats above and below you for the most part. There are a few larger open areas to give you a breather from the more claustrophobic ones, but no space is wasted. I really can't fault the design for what the maps are trying to accomplish, but the only thing preventing a perfect score is a minor lack of detail in places such as the end of Map 1. There could be a little more scenery there, but that's really nitpicking.

Playability: 8

Despite the horrendous difficulty level, I didn't once feel that the maps were unfair. If I think a map is stupid because it is unbalanced, I'll give up promptly. Every time I died in Hard Weps, I felt that if I had just done something slightly differently then I could have succeeded, which is what drove me to keep on trying no matter how many times I died. This just made the reward even sweeter when I finally smashed Map 1. I felt that Map 2 was equally well designed even though I haven't finished it yet, but every time I die it gives me the same feeling as Map 1. It's horrible, it's frustrating, it makes me shout and swear like crazy, but I still want to keep playing. It's like a curse. In all seriousness though, it shows that the author has a really strong idea of balance for experienced players at least. I really enjoyed every small victory as I played the maps and would like to see more of the same. My only major complaint would be the lack of ammo particularly in Map 2, which becomes a huge problem when the Archvilles ressurect tons of enemies before you have a chance to smoke 'em. I think the challenge would still be appropriately gratuitous even with a more generous arsenal.

Overall: 8

Only play these maps if you REALLY enjoy a challenge. They are highly intelligent and competently made, but novices won't last 5 seconds.













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