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Escalation I: The Breach

for doom 2!






Reviewed by:

Blue Paladin


Title : Escalation I: The Breach
Filename :
Release date : 25/08/2013
Author : James "Phobus" Cresswell
Email Address :


Escalation I














This is not a fair match, to say.  You start off dead.  Well, you start off alive and die soon after!  This is a very short, very direct map with a lot of pain and destruction to deal to the player.  It's fast paced and tight.  Dooming Skill is required!


Design:  7 out of 10


            It's not fancy, but has well done basic detail and floor design.  Still, that is not a minus as it lends to the heavy barrel action that you will face. The music sets the desperate mood as well.  Only one key is needed to complete the level, and you will die PLENTY before you get it. This is definitely a 'run-n-gun' map!


Difficulty: 8 out of 10


            There's a very good balance between ammo and baddies.  More baddies than ammo; how I like it.  You will scrounge for ammo, pick your battles... though, the battles in this map will find you anyway.


Playability: 9 out of 10


            Playing this over again is more for fun than for catching things you may have missed while fighting for your life. 


            All, in all, a great map.  Fire up your frontend and get this crankin'!

























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