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Toxic Darkness for Doom II 







Henri Lehto

SP Doom II (map01)

requires: ZDoom

Reviewer: Sematary

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 The author of this map said he wanted to emulate e1 when he made this. I'm happy to say - he failed. This map in NO WAY even comes close to the boring architecture or game play of an e1 clone. :-)

My Review:


     At the opening room of this map I thought (and it looked like) I WAS going to be treated to a somewhat tired e1 clone of a map. At this point, of course, I hadn't seen anything. It became QUICKLY apparent, that this was anything but an e1 clone. The author used Zdoom and included a ton of features that I wasn't expecting when I read the text file. First, there was EXTENSIVE use of slopes and to good effect I must say. They are everywhere and really add a dimension to the map that normally isn't there. It really brings the map to life. Another feature he used extensively was over/under bridges using zdoom. Absolutely brilliant use of this feature as it gave the map way more depth than it otherwise may have had. Of course, 3d bridges are possible without zdoom but unless you're using legacy or zdoom you can't do it like this. The creatures below  you are not dangerous to you for the most part and can be dispatched at your leisure.  Another zdoom feature which he used quite a bit was polygon doors - so they opened from the center and then left/right. It was quite nice and unexpected. The author states that he spent MONTHS on this map and I can see why. It's gorgeous. For all you budding map makers out there - THIS is what a map should look like!


    Ok - onto the gameplay. My least favorite creature haunted this map in several areas - the ARCHVILE. I hate that bastard. Needless to say, I died several times during this. I play on UV and while much of the map wasn't extremely difficult it became so when faced with an ARCHIE and near the end, TWO ARCHIES. Ugggg. In any case, there was plenty of ammo and health about and I was able to defeat my arch nemesis (the two at once near the end) with a few blows from the rocket launcher.

The only downside for me was that the author didn't re-attack often enough after you cleared an area and had to go back through it. That is always a shot in the arm for any map as it keeps you from getting bored. I gotta say though, the silence was deafening as I grabbed the final key and returned to the red door to finish off the map. Uber Doomers should be able to knock this map out fairly quickly even given it's rather large size. Good but not great players (like myself) will spend quite a bit of time getting their respective asses handed to them by the archies but the Hellknights, cacs, etc... won't pose a huge threat.

For those with lesser skills - I suggest using a lesser skill level as you will DEFINITELY get your ass kicked on UV.


    The one thing that really bugged me about this map was that the slime wasn't toxic. It is EVERYWHERE and I personally would have scattered protective suits about. Not only would this have added to the difficulty as the player would have had to deal with monsters AND the slime, but it would have made the name make more sense. Why not just use water if it isn't going to be dangerous to the player. Ok - that was my one bitch.


    Finally - Worth the download. One of the better looking maps I've seen in some time. Gameplay was solid. Download it and have fun!











































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