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Southern Cross







Bryant (Gunrock) and Kevin (Solution) Robinson

Dates: 05/15/04 - updated on Jan 2007 (Gold Edition)

VersionGold Edition

Mode: SP
Game: Doom2  (map01 - 09)

Requires: ZOOM port

(I used GZDOOM)

Reviewer: Jive

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From the author:

No comment at all. Only the fact that it was done for Boom Compatible ports. But, as far as I used a high resolution picture for the sky, it's now Zdoom or Gzdoom.

The Story:

There is no written story.


My Review:

Played and reviewed on Feb 07, 2007

- Map01 is a very good surprise: if you look at the number of monsters (38), you have the tentation to think "Ok, 2 minutes and it will be done", but, in fact, it's not as easy as you thought, and the gameplay is perfect. The architecture is damn fine, and I don't think that it would have been possible to make it more pleasant. I give a 10/10 for this map.
- Map02 is following the same way to give a good time to the player, but it begins to become a bit more hard...
- Map03... Very badly balanced in term of rapport between monsters/ammos/life: your progression makes you enter a semi opened area where 4 spectres try to kill you before the discovery of the plasma gun... lol... Then... A hord of cacodemons (ok, that's fine) is suddenly appearing... But... Behind them is appearing a second hord of soul makers!!!
It's pure crazyness and I already died ten times without being able to bypass this area. Ok ok... I try another way and I enter the central structure... Arrrrrg!!! A lot of monsters, all different, are waiting me!!! Finally, I won, but I enter the next map all frightened...
- Map04: nothing special, apart a damn good level, very well balanced, and with a great gameplay. As usual, the architecture is perfect. Not to be forgotten: this set of maps is quite old, and Brian has updated very finely his other sets, and this one will be, more than surely, updated too. When it will be done, we'll have a great pwad. For now, I can only say that it's less good than the other updated ones, and it's quite normal.
- Map05: very hard map!!! You'll have to be wise enough and to don't panic, even facing the 2 archviles. The gameplay is quite perfect, even if the level of difficulty is high. All has been made to give the feeling of fear, while progressing, and that's fine.
- Map06: one more time, a great gameplay and an architecture perfectly built. The balance life/ammos/monsters don't allow you to do no matter what, and you must have balls, sometimes...
- Map07: very hard level, with tons of monsters, and the final battle is possible ONLY if you was wise enough to don't shoot without purpose (you must have enough ammos).
- Map08: don't panic, and do wisely what you have to do...
- Map09: I wont reveal anything about it.

I had to reformat the exit text, which was cutted on the screen.
And I made also a sky, specifically for scge:

Briant and bro have used the sky of Doom1, Episode 1.
So, I made it in the same spirit, but for highres screens.
I didn't changed anything else.

- Gameplay     :   9/10
- Architecture: 10/10
- Balance       :   8/10
- Difficulty   :    5/10 for averages players, 9/10 for good players

Final note      :   9/10 for good players (with a special bad note for the map03

Bryant (Gunrock) and Kevin (The Solution) Robinson are definitely very good mappers, and their work will stay in the archives like treasures and examples of how you can make good wads, without using a lot of Boom features (thus, I would have been pleased to see more of them)!!!

Jive, Manaus (Amazonia), February 07, 2007















































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