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Rest In Peace deathmatch (ripdm_x.wad) for maps 01-06 of Doom II 







BlackShark (Julian Williams)

SP Doom II (map01-06)

requires: ZDoom

Reviewer:Black Sentinel

 What can I say....? It's a death match!

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About Kaoz Final  (by author)

 This is a 6 map DeathMatch map I can up with... The first map was For Toke. When I heard he passed away,  I figured I'd make a map for him.  It was only later that I realized he was a strict old schooler, but liking the first map I decided to go along with it.

My Review:


This is a deathmatch wad with six levels of DM maps.  Each has very nice detail and are set up pretty well.  I thought that the music was kinda campy, but that's just me.  RIP made good use of the fogging and special  effects that make ZDoom a smokin' engine to edit with, including true 3D floors.  I didn't play anyone using these, but I think that this will go over very well in Skulltag.  Anyway, check this out if you're a deathmatch junkie.










































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