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Purged (ack.wad) for map01 of Doom II 







SP Doom II (map01)

requires: any port

Reviewer:Black Sentinel

 This is a spin off of Doom III

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About Purged  (by author)

 Takes place after the events of Doom 64, assuming
  Doom 3's story takes place instead of original
   Doom's, as well as RoE, Doom 2, Final Doom, and
   Doom 64.  Please note that many objects in the
   map can be examined.  I'll make it easy for you
   and tell you to check out the red terminals,
   any notepads you come across, and some other
   computers in the personal quarters...the ones you
   can flash so that they stand out a bit.  It's an
   attempt at fleshing out the story, but is also
   optional.  Also, I plan to make many more maps
   to continue this series.
   As you watch the demonic craft lift off in the
   distance, you decide that staying in Hell wasn't
   such a good idea after all.  It vanishes from
   sight, leaving you to find another way to tail
   them.  After backtracking, you find a teleport
   leading back to a Mars base, where you acquire a
   working ship and match course and heading with
   the demon ship.  The ship lands near a small base
   in a canyon on Earth, where you hop out and try
   to find out what the horde is planning.

My Review:


    This is a short level that's linear and direct.  It can be played thru without fartin' around with the terminals, unless you're just nosy that way.  The action is moderate and you can get caught while fighing in tight areas if you're careless.  Else, it's not a hard wad to play at all.  

What really sets off this wad is the design.  The author put a lot of time and effort to build convincing temrinals and technical structures in a good effort to mimick the designs in Doom III using the Doom II textures.  Take the time to walk thru the level and check out this guy's work.  It's pretty meticulous.  It's a fast play and doesn't take much to finish.  Have fun!

Note from Sematary: After seeing Eric's review, I went in to do a video and I'll admit, I'm not as impressed with this map as Eric was. First off, I think having the doortraks raise and lower with the doors is a mistake that people shouldn't be making at this point in the storied life of Doom. People have been making and playing maps long enough to know that this is a no-no. Something else I noted was that at one point there was a small but noticeable HOM in the map. It wasn't dramatic or anything but it should have been caught. Also - the lighting was boooooring. Anyway, I dropped the score some because I honestly wasn't all that impressed with the map. I didn't even think much of the gameplay. You make up your own mind.

Overall Composite Score:  6.5







































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