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Primary (primary.wad) for map01 of Doom II 







Kevin Meeks AKA "SMG"

SP Doom II (map01)


Reviewer:Black Sentinel

 Playing this wad felt like being a fish in a glass barrel.  If you got get it, play this wad and see how long you'll last in it!

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About Primary  (by author)

 Primary is a large natural-themed map based                       around several outdoor areas. It focuses on                          immersive, epic gameplay, with little puzzle                          solving. There are several routes to take, and                          challenges tend to be very rewarding.

My Review:



Is there such a thing as a level that's TOO BIG????

In the case of Primary, I think that this may be the case.  Don't get me wrong, this is a first rate map with a lot of stuff that you need to figure out before you can get going to the next thing (which is tedious as hell at times). But due to its size, I think that it's too big for running around trying to figure out how to get places...it takes up too much time and slows down the map's flow.  The numerous hordes of baddies keep you running and looking over your shoulder tho.  Man, in some sections, the action is just plain CRUEL; there's stuff flyin' at ya from EVERYWHERE with little shelter to tough it out before squeezing off a shot.  There's some powerups and ammo to help you along the way but it takes a few nasty battles to get at them.

There are Bots in the level, but they are little to no good at all for assistance so don't bother with them.  There's nothing eye-popping about this level, in fact, it's pretty standard Doom II design.  The thing that makes the map is the action.  You're going to fight from start to end, die multiple times, skirt the edge of death plenty of other times.  It's a good run for anyone wanting some fun.  If you're one of those mental puzzle fanatics, have at it.  If you're an "ol' skool" fragger like myself who like direct play while blowing everything away that's in sight, this map will get on your nerves.

Overall Composite Score:  8.8


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