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Outpost of Doom for Doom II






Captain Toenail

SP Doom II (map01)

requires: Zdoom/Gzdoom

Reviewer: Sematary

New levels : 1
Sounds : No
Music : Yes (From Heretic and Ultimate Doom)
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No (new monsters using DECORATE)

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My Review:


    One thing about this map for sure - you won't be bored. The author didn't implement difficulty settings so he apparently set it up to play on "Hurt me plenty". There is more than enough health and ammo to see you through this map without having to worry about conserving ammo or even thinking too much. It is fairly linear, easy to follow and a non-stop fragfest.

Even in rooms where you've been, creatures teleport in at various times. Needless to say - stay on your toes. Again, you should be able to make it through this without much difficulty but as I said, you won't be bored.


    As for design, well, it's well done. There are many new textures in this map, or, more appropriate to say, textures used from other texture packs. The author knows how to build a map. The only thing that disappointed me in this area was the fact that he didn't really implement any type of lighting so everything is fully lit all the time. That's my only complaint as far as the design goes though. Everything looks awesome and he really did a nice job on this.


    As for playability - it's probably a once and done. You might want to keep it around to go back to sometime when you're bored or perhaps even try and working on a speed score (yes, it's that linear).


    My final breakdown: Players who are used to using the easiest settings in Doom need not bother. You won't survive. Moderately skilled players like myself should have a good time but won't really ever find themselves in a bad way except perhaps in one or two spots. Uber players shouldn't bother unless you want to play it on Nightmare which WOULD make it interesting indeed. There are ton of cool features in this map including the textures, monsters and some cool zdoom tricks that keep the map fresh. I'd give this map an above average score for it's entertainment value alone.









































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