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No Mans Land for Doom2







Kevin Hamula

SP Doom II (map 29)

requires: no specific port
Reviewer: Akira

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My Review:




Preface: This is basically a map that symbolises a journey into the centre of hell. It starts off fairly easy, and gets harder and harder as the player continues to progress deeper into the depths of hell, which of course is much more heavily guarded.


Technical: 7.0

            The beginning of this map has a fairly average design, and I think the author could have improved a lot with a bit more effort. The open spaces are really too open and at one point you had to run for absolutely ages just to get to the next area. Most of the rooms were pretty bleak and square, though there were some that demonstrated high levels of craftsmanship, with a good use of textures also. Later on in no man’s land however, the level design does seem to improve dramatically all of a sudden, which pleased me a lot. Play this in GZdoom with the lights.wad file to make the underground areas look really effective.


Game play: 9.0

            I thought this was a pretty enjoyable map to say the least. It’s fairly tiresome in that most of the enemies come in huge clumps, but none the less, the play was good. I must say the designer went pretty mental with the sheer amount of enemies and weapons in this map, so get ready for a real bloodbath. One point involves around 15 revenants all shooting homing rockets at once, in a very open area, meaning that hiding is near impossible and you WILL get hit by more than just one of them!

            As I said earlier, the deeper you get into hell, the more heavily it is guarded, and believe me, I am not joking! I wouldn’t recommend this map for beginners at all; it gets really tough near the end. In fact, after I had finished the map, I needed intensive therapy for a week because the only words I could say were “Baron…Of…Hell!” Even experts will have a tough time finishing this. I know I did (though you can’t call me an expert by any means!).

            Fighting aside, I enjoyed the layout of this map. All 3 keys are used and in each instance it is harder to locate both the key and the door. It is a bit linear in places, but the multitude of rooms and storeys (lots of stairs) made it more enjoyable. Think of it this way; the room is simply a box; however there are many levels and different stairways within the box. This shows that the designer has a good sense of the 3 dimensions.

            Overall, although this is only a single level replacement, it may still take some of you a one “hell” of a long time to finish (pardon the pun!)…










































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