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Island 2 (island2.wad) for map01 of Doom II 







Jason Farlow

SP Doom II (map01)

requires: GZDoom

Reviewer: Black Sentinel

Side note:
 Aside from making my GZDoom crash faster than  Bobby Brown's career, this is a top notch map well worth the effort of playing.

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"Ugghhhh!! Hulk-Imp SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"





"Sorry, Mr. Roarke and Tattoo got f...k'd up.  Can I help you die... QUICKLY?"

About Island 2  (by author)

 A sequel to the first Island, again, a tropical forest, but this time with a much larger indoor area.  Plus it runs faster.

My Review:



Well, after some time trrying to get this puppy to work after a few crash issues, I was floored by the really well planned design of the map.  The baddies in here are a mix of custom-made and original monsters... the custome-made ones were the REAL problem.  The landscape looked fabulous with an excellent use of ZDoom's slope feature and DECORATE lump. Sound effects used in the map gave a real tropical feel to the map wioth the tunder and the little birdies chirping away.  Almost feels peaceful as it reminded me of my excursion into Mexico.   However, though it LOOKS serene at the outset, the moment you see the first "Hulk" Imp shambling towards you (not to place a wreath of flowers about your neck, mind you) all bets are off.   I have to detract a little from the points due to some missing textures that made some of the computer terminals funky, but the rest of the work makes up for it hands down.

The action is heavy and often fatal.  There are Hexen-like things that lob wizard spells at you, killing the baddie releases bats that nip at you PAINFULLY if you don't snuff them quick enough.  There are Snake Imps, Green Imps, the Grey Imp (I call it the "Hulk" because it takes a lickin' and keeps on stickin') new bosses that are as lethal as they are ugly, weird looking bio-mech thingies that carry rail guns.... anyway, you're gonna die a few times so save often and remember to just keep moving.  There are wide open areas as well as closed ones so the combat is varied and keeps you on your toes.  There is just enough ammo for the job, as well as health. 

All in all, Island 2 is not for the newbies, it's for those hard core lifer Doom players who want a vacation from the boring and mundane maps and long for a buffet of fraggage, and a swim in the deep sea of pain.  

So, without further ado...
    "Come to de lsle, mon!  Git dem col' irons loaded to de max an git yo' can pealed to de white meat, JA!!!!"

Overall Composite Score:  9.8








See that little viking cap over to your left? That's certain death for you once it sees you!  Best to move fast as hell 'cause its projectiles will follow you until they hit!  I found that out the HARD way...! 
































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