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Horrors for Doom II 







Giancarlo Carini

SP Doom II (map01)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Sematary

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My Review:


     If you like a simple fragfest then you should find this to be a fun map to play. Personally, I just like watching the badasses beat the living crap out of each other - something you have the opportunity to do alot of in this map. While better than Great Falls in my opinion, it is more due to the actual map as opposed to gameplay. This map is longer with a little more space (keyword being "little"). There is room to duck and move and juke the Hellknights and Revenants out of their shorts and there are PLENTY of them as well as Cacodemons, Mancubuses and a whole lot more. In one section there are even two, count them, two Archviles. Now, I'll be honest, Archies aren't my favorite creature in Doom2 but they aren't all that difficult to smack down - especially when they are in an enclosed area and you have a Rocket Launcher. It's actually almost easy. Of course, if you don't have the Rocket launcher you can pretty much consider yourself Marine Flambe'

     Pretty much all central areas of the map have a room full of monsters to kill and I find it is best to dispatch with chaingunners and Revenants because they're the biggest pain in the ass. The rest can be dealt with as necessary. Keep that in mind. The final area where the player exits is probably the most entertaining and the most disappointing at the same time. It is disappointing because you really don't have to DO anything to exit the map - just leave.

Entertaining because if you feel like sticking around to watch the fireworks there are a few cyberdemons, some spiders, Barons, etc... all hunkered down in this huge space facing away from you. Just hide in this little room that is provided for your cover and watch the fun! You don't actually have to fight anybody to exit though - disappointing.

    I've never been a fan of these kinds of maps anyway - I prefer tight (which this map is) with close quarters battles. While I find watching the creatures fry each other to be somewhat amusing, it isn't really interesting if you're looking for a fight. I would much rather see some well thought out monster placement using the creature that can dispense the most damage while still being defeatable with the weapons you posess. But that's just me.


    Ok - to the map - it's longer than the last one and I think a little better detailed but there is an overuse of textures in some cases and an inconsistency in texture uses in others. The rooms could DEFINITELY use more decoration and it is pretty linear in it's design. It definitely beats the previously mentioned map however.


So, what does all this mean? Well - it's fun to play if you enjoy watching the badasses womp each other - not so much if you're looking for those up close and personal battles - although, to be fair, there are some of those and you must defeat several different creatures while strafing in an enclosed space to prevent yourself from getting fried. The map itself is ok - nothing special but not bad either. Average or slightly better than average in my opinion but nothing to write home about.




My recommendations:


Uber Doomers - don't bother, you'll just be bored


Average to above average - you'll probably get bored but you might enjoy the monster battles.


Below average and n00bs - Try to stay out of the main rooms while the creatures are doing each other up because you can't stand in there and not die - other than that, great for practicing your strafing skills when you draw one of the bastards out of those rooms into YOUR killing area.












































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