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Great Falls for Doom II 







Giancarlo Carini

SP Doom II (map01)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Sematary

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My Review:


     Unfortunately, this is not nearly as good as the map I reviewed earlier today - Toxic Darkness. It's not that it's a bad map. It's not. It just isn't anything special. The map itself is small with very little in the way that stands out architecturally. Gameplay isn't bad. You are in a small, enclosed environment most of the time and battling such baddies as Hellknights and arachnotrons, etc... Watch the in-game video to see what I'm talking about. Again, though, with some slick escapes and quick maneuvering this map is easy to beat. The cramped rooms give the difficulty a shot in the arm but otherwise, meh. I'd says this map is average AT BEST and possibly a little less than average. The detail isn't bad but like I said - nothing outstanding in the architecture department.


My recommendations:


Uber Doomers - don't bother


Average to above average - you'll probably get bored


Below average and n00bs - Go for it. This should be a good fight for you.












































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