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Environmental for Doom2






Title: : Environmental
Filename: : evironmental.wad
Date Finished : 3/28/07
Author: : Jason Seekings
Email Address: : jhseekings@yahoo.com
Additional Credits :idsoftware,capcom

Description:You have been sent to a muli-purpose base. With different environmental sectors or (study labs).
You are to clear it out of the unleashed test subjects.

Single Player : Of Course!
Coopertive player : No
Deathmatch : NO
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : Yes
New Music : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
Demos Replaced : None


Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder, XWE
Known Bugs : None known


Autors MAY NOT use this level as a base to make new levels.

Authors May distribute this with no changes as long as it includes this document.












My Review:


If you like fast paced gameplay then you'll like this map. While there is plenty of ammo and such here, you must use it WISELY, lest you find yourself short at an inopportune time. So - play smart. You don't have to kill everything you see (at least right away) So, my final word on Gameplay is this. If you're a n00b - play on easy or something.


Ok - onto aesthetic properties...

This is a very nice looking map - nothing revolutionary in the design department or anything, but nice. The architecture is interesting for the most part and the map isn't a cut and paste job.


This map also has replayability written all over it as once you make it through you will probably want to do it again just to improve on your miserable first attempt. It's a definite keeper.


The Download:



In Game Video








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