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Wicked Awakening for Doom2








Chris Antoni

SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: Legacy

Reviewer: Sematary

Download the file


Get the lmp which will show you how to beat the map (Give it a try on your own first though).



















My Review:

    Well, let me begin with the good. First, the map is gorgeous. The author uses the abilities of the Legacy port to full advantage to render a wonderful 3d environment that makes the battles all that much more interesting because the attack can be coming from anywhere. Also, lighting is quite nice. And, for the most part, gameplay is excellent, if a little linear. The battles are tough at times and something is continually getting sprung on you but as he says in the text file, you can duck and shoot. It's all good.


    Now for the bad. For the second map in a row I am frustrated by an author who does not take into consideration his audience. I mean, I've got nothing against a good battle but the last room and the exit hallway are simply ridiculous. Look to the left at the picture and that is the room you find yourself in just before the exit hallway. At this point in the game, you have run low on health (and ammo). You are in a big room with lots of crates and chaingunners sniping at you from various points throughout the room. Because they are at a distance, it is difficult for YOU, the player to get a bead on them before they flatten you but if you do manage this Herculean feat, you will move into the room and IMMEDIATELY find yourself surrounded by dozens of those goddam flying skulls as well as imps, etc... and you must recover the yellow key. At this point, you are running around like mad trying to get some health and ammo and you discover that you can't simply shoot because you have attacks from multiple directions at once. So - you run for the yellow door with all due haste and open it (provided you accidentally came across the yellow key in your pellmell run for survival. What do you find waiting for you? Take a look at the picture at the top of the page. Not one, not two, but THREE Atchviles await you in this slim corridor and all the beasts of hell are at your back. Even with a full charge in my plasma gun - there was simply no way to defeat this. THREE of them? Are you f'n kidding me? One I can see. As long as you held on to some plasma ammo you're ok. But three? It only takes an attack from ONE to seriously F up your day.

Overall Composite Score: 7.5


The author sent me an "end game" scenario that you can attempt to try and finish this map. Here it is:


End Strategy: Snipe the chaingunners with your own chaingun without triggering the linedef's in the middle of the room while hiding behind the nearest boxes.
Now trigger the monsters to attack from all sides, kill the imps first (you can
run under the skulls thanks to legacy), being sure to stay close to boxes and NEVER stop moving. Now after ALL the monsters are dead obviously save. Open the yellow door and blast away with the plasma gun. As soon as you see the arms move aside and out of the way and count to 3. Pull out the shotty and quickly duck into the corridor to kill the first archi who should be right on top of you. Make sure the second and third are about to shoot at you before you retreat. You might get 1 more round off but that's unlikely. Hide behind a crate and take shots at the archies by running around boxes and working your way back further and further into the middle of the room (by where the stacked 3-d box is). Now you'll be in a position where 2 arch viles are attacking you and are bringing back low life imps or burning skulls. This is difficult under normal circumstances but the maze of boxes provides plenty of duck and fire room for the shotty or what's left of your plasma gun. The level was made to be exceptionally hard and impossible to "speed run" through. Once you have drawn out the archies either run around the side of the room and out the exit or finish em off.

It almost sounds possible.












































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