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Temples for Doom2






Carlos Delgado

SP Doom2 (map 1-2)

requires: any port

Reviewer:Black Sentinel

Sidenote: Lots of open areas, beware of sniper fire!


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About Temples for Doom2  (by author)

Two WADS of mayhem and destruction.  You are needed to clean up some remaining demon outposts.  Sounds easy?  Yeah right.

My Review:

    This is a basic  run-n-shoot wad with a few secrets switches and some tricks-n-traps to catch you off guard.  The game play overall was pretty good with a few errors in design like a few funky textures that weren't unpegged for moving sectors, some floor and ceiling textures that were misaligned, even a few monsters were stuck in their places because of over-populating the sector (I'll let you figure out which one).  Those things were obvious and were overlooked for the bigger picture.  Those foibles do take away from the maps but not a lot.  

    The design was classic and traditional all of the way.  Everything was well thought out to make a realistic temple setting with spiral stairs, sniper-filled parapets and undeground blood-filled dungeons.  I got pegged few times when I was caught off guard flipping a switch here and there, so needless to say, the action was good.  There a little trodding about looking for switches in-between frays, but the maps are non-linear and will keep you busy.  These are big maps, but not the HUGE mothas that require hourts of exploring to figure stuff out.  This is a nice wad overall and worth the playtime.

Overall Composite Score:  8.2









































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