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Tarakanik (Tarakans.wad)

32 levels of Doom2







SP Doom2 (map 1-32)

requires: zdoom

Reviewer: Blue Paladin

Sidenote: Don't you dare try this on ANYTHING other than Hurt Me Plenty!  Even Uber Doomers will get smoked on the UV or Nightmare!


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About Tarranink for Doom2  (by author)

 There are many monsters go to the display. The player successfuly clear the display on first, second, ... levels, but on thirtiethlevel he makes a Historical error ....

Some levels are extremely hard on Ultra-Violence skill and are
impassable on Nichtmare skill. The number of monsters is reduced on skill 3 and especially on skill 1-2, but on skill 1-2 some hard moments are possible.

My Review:

    For time constraints, I played thru 1-20 and skipped to each level after that to see what the damage is.  This author threw everything but the kitchen sink into these maps and I ain't lyin'!  I made the very sad mistake of playing this On UV and got the crap kicked out of me before I could even make it to level 05!  This wad had it all; teleport traps, 3d floors, crushers, trick switches, and pain, pain, PAIN!  I stayed on about 20 percent health most of the time, and I was running instead of fighting because even on Hurt Me Plenty, there is more than enough bad guys to deal with.  The Author even teases you with tons of ammo, but the monsters keep on coming at you in endless supply; unfortunately, the health and ammo don't so I would pick and choose my battles if I were you.

    There was nothing extraordinary about the maps, save for the 3d bridge on "Up in the Sky" which was a really pain as things, including FOUR, count 'em... FOUR Cybies pelting you with rockets, and Pain Elementals lobbing Lost Souls at you while tons of Revies and Big Eyes (Cacos) backed them up (phew..). I Think I'm suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome because of this wad.  Anyway, there were some textures that were just plain funky and moved with the rising and lowering sectors, some baddies were stuck in some sectors because the area was too small for such a large number (thank GOD!).  But those things are small.  This wad plays good, has lots of action, lots of areas to explore, lots of secrets (I never bothered to look; too busy dying).  Though the action was heavy, there are plenty of spots to duck and cover in, walls to dodge behind, doors to close off the madness that WILL be harassing you.

Overall Composite Score:  9.2









































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