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SPACELAB for Doom2








Keith Hickman

SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: any port

Reviewer:Blue Paladin


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About Spacelab for Doom2  (by author)

Your mission objective is simple: Transport to orbiting Spacelab.  Determine the reason they stopped transmitting alien genetic experimental data to our downlink.  Could be transmitter damage.  MISSION INFO: Routine investigation. Standard sidearm required.    

My Review:

    Well, this was an interesting map due to the new sound effects added.  The action got heavy in spots with a few traps well set up to catch you off guard.  Everything looked like traditional Doom levelage through and through, save for a few new textures which were pretty cool.  As for the game play, it took time to traipse about the map, looking for the switches that activate doors and lifts that lead you into the next part of the map, some were hidden in secret enclaves, which I found to be annoying.  Accessing the keys and even the exit depends on you finding these secrets.  That really drew out the game time for a map that should only take maybe twenty minutes to play thru; it took me an hour (gag, choke). The design was pretty good, it had a real techie kind of feel, yet there were a few textures that looked funky and out of place, I grew tired of the Comp1 textures after this map. Had it not been for the teleport traps, I would have fallen asleep on this one.

Overall Composite Score:  6.7









































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