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SPACED for Doom2








Blue Paladin

SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: GZdoom or Zdoom

Reviewer: Sematary

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Yep - it's a BIG map and YES, I was in deep shit here!


My Review:

    This was apparently something that Eric had clanging around on his hard drive for awhile and finally got up the energy to finish. I'm glad he did.This map is a Zdoom extravaganza, with some nice scripting, lighting and an under nukage area that will net you a plasma rifle. There were alot of cool new textures put to use in this one. The "space void" texture with the stars scrolling past was very nicely done and I really liked the computers and the glass texture he used. There is also some changes to sounds as well as different music. Overall, these changes really gave the level a nice new feel to it.


As for the actual gameplay - it was tough at times (really tough). At other times I found myself wandering around with nothing to do and I thought the crushing ceiling with no way to avoid it was kinda cheap but that's just me. You have to go through it though so make sure you have some health. I ran across pretty much most of the badasses in this one, including my personal NON favorite one - the Arch-vile. That son of a b***** has a way of just ruining your day. Expect lots of surprise attacks and traps so save fairly often so you don't have to replay the same section over again. You can also expect some barons as well as bonies and in the anti-grav room (pretty cool) you'll see pretty much a little bit of everything thrown at you.


Design wise, this wasn't a bad map at all. It is HUGE and I mean that. Lots of levels and rooms (many of them quite large as can be seen in the pics). There were also a fair number of smaller rooms with some pitched battles to be had in them. As noted above, there are tons of changes to the game with new music and textures, etc... and a ton of zdoom specific type stuff. I give this map high marks even though the architecture itself wasn't anything spectacular.


My overall impression of this map is that it is something that pretty much anyone can enjoy and appreciate. There is no lack of badasses for the most part. It is totally NOT linear in nature and in fact, if you're not paying attention you could easily get lost. The pace was good, the battles tight and the zdoom effects were utilized well. So, just download it and have fun.

Overall Composite Score: 8.0










































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