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Shadow Corridor,  for Doom2








Henri Lehto

SP Doom2  (map 1 )

requires: any BOOM port


Reviewer: Akira

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My Review:



Technical score: 9.4. This map was next to perfect in the technical aspect. The architecture was a real treat, with very nice effects such as the criss-cross 3d floor pattern. It also utilises zdoom exclusives such as swimming and very cool alterations to the enemies.


The review:

This map is not recommended for beginners. I had to play this map several times to finish it, and that was on hurt me plenty (take note that I am a n00b!). The health stock was fairly sufficient, the author certainly accounted for those without a deathwish, but I was reduced to using the chainsaw against a couple of barons in one place because the ammo was just too scarce. I’m just thankful there even was a chainsaw!

This map did keep me entertained for quite a long time. The first room was very cool, symmetrical with acid pouring down each side (though the acid doesn’t actually harm you in this), and it gave a great effect.  After that there is a big open space with a variety of imps, chaingunners and even an arachnotron. You get fired at from every direction, so just hang back. What I found annoying about this open space was the chaingunners shooting you right from the other side, on an elevated platform, with uncanny accuracy. The autoaim doesn’t work for such distances so you can either cheat and use freelook or you have to run up to it before its too late…

I think one of the most difficult parts was the large cross with an invisible arch-ville in the center. You can only see it when it attacks you, and there aren’t any corners to hide behind. The only escape is an acid pool fulled to the brim with imps and demons! I was very frustrated at this, especially as I only had enough health to survive one blast.

This map also had a bit of a “claustrophobic sting” at times, when you are in a room with only just enough space for you and your demon friends to fit in! This makes dodging enemy fire near impossible. Just remember to check a room before you go storming in, when suddenly the door closes behind you and you think “Oh…(use your imagination)”.

This review might have seemed a bit too critical in places, so just remember that this is only my opinion, and you are more than likely to have different view.

Gameplay score: 7.6


Overall score: 8.5



















































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