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River for Doom2








Louigi Verona


MP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: Legacy or Zdoom

Reviewer: Sematary


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About River.wad for Doom2  (by author)

Doom Version: Doom II (no specific port recommended, I used Gzdoom)
Singleplayer/Cooperative: Not mentioned
Deathmatch: not mentioned
Recommended # Of Players: 1

River City is full of monsters. The heart of the city is the fortress which you have to capture. Lots of problems getting the keys, especially the red one. Be sure to explore the level - you can actually get to every place you see.


My Review:

I was a little hesitant to get into this map because in the text file the author mentions HOM's. I generally stay away from maps with structural errors because, well, they suck. Anyway, using Gzdoom I did not notice a single HOM (thankfully). Thought I'd get that out right off the bat.


I wouldn't tout this map on the difficulty. I did make one strategic error rushing into a new area and ended up at 9 health for pretty much the remainder of the level but even facing down two Hellknights is no problem when you know how to strafe and you have plenty of space to move around in. So even on 9% health I was able to defeat the two evil Hellknights and move through the remainder of the level pretty much without difficulty.


Ammo is in abundance here and near the end of the level is a rocket launcher which I never figured out how to retrieve and which I never ended up needing anyway. There are some tight spots and plenty of open area and even with the minimal amount of health provided, the abundance of ammo more than made up for it.


I think the best part of the map is the design. It is not an architectural marvel or anything but it IS a nicely done map and I only noticed one or two texture misalignments which did not detract from the map.


So - my recommendation.

If you are a very skilled doomer - find something better to do with your time. You'll probably knock this off in about 10 minutes but if you are just looking to kill 10 minutes then it's probably perfect for you.

If you are a moderate player then you may find yourself challenged at times and could spend maybe 20 minutes going though the map.

If you are a rookie I highly recommend this map for you. There are plenty of secrets, some interesting design and a fair amount of badasses to keep your attention.
















































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