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Revenger(revenger.wad)for maps 01-32 of Doom II







Olac Puchkov

SP Doom Ii (map 01-32)

requires: any port (I used ZDoom)
Reviewer:Black Sentinel

 This whole TC is in Russian, I think.  Even the Options map!!
Options has been totally reconfigured and in different order.....

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My Review:


    This is a decent megawad with a lot of action and interesting sound bites. The design was very average, with acres and acres of Marble 1 textures.  The maps were entirely too dark (most of them) and it was a real pain in the ass to find my way around.  With everything in Russian,  it took me a few tries to figure out what was on the Options menu and to save a game.  
    The maps themselves are HUGE with LOTS of secrets.  What's bad about these secrets is that they are the only ways to get off the map in nearly half of these maps.  That really got under my skin.   Why on Earth would you place a key in a secret area and hide it so well that it would take hours to find it???  Not a good design idea, in my book.  But, there is always someone who has the "Where's Waldo" bug and wants to spend time looking for switches and stuff.  Not me.  I'm an ol' skool Doomer; I like to shoot 'em up, get to the exit, and go on.  Not shoot 'em up, look, and look, and look, and look, and look, and... you get the idea. 

    Also, this isn't port specific so you can play this in any port.  I wouldn't suggest playing this with ports that support the jump feature.  this map was made for the original Doom.  Whole sectors could be bypassed by jumping, but whether that helps you exit the level is another thing entirely.  
    Anyway, it's a good one for bad weather days, and it's still fun.  Just be careful,  when you access the Options menu, not to accidentally delete a crucial save point!

Overall Composite Score:  7.9