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Red King (redking.wad) for map01 of Doom II 









Gereon P.J. Meuser

SP Doom II (map01)

requires: DOS Doom or Risen 3d... Risen 3D recommended

Reviewer:Black Sentinel

 If you play this on UV or Nightmare.... no comment.

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My Review:


This map is ridiculous with the action.  There were so many baddies chucked into this map that the map crashes when used by ZDoom, Legacy, JDoom, Boom.... I went down the distinguished list of Doom engines until I found one (Risen 3D) that worked.  There were some texture misalignments around the doors in certain sectors and some boredom in finding all of the FRIGGIN' switches this guys hid in the map. In fact, I got stumped in one area and decided to just jump over some walls to get to the next thing...though I don't think that was what the mapper intended (whoops..).  There are LOTS of bad guys, LOTS of bosses to fight, LOTS of battles that cannot be avoided for they bar the way out....  But,  if you live long enough, you get GOBS of ammo and Soul Spheres to boot, so things balance out fairly well.  

Overall Composite Score:  8.5