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The Purgatory Series






James Wilson (aka Shade)

SP Doom2  (9 levels)
Map09-Map15 +31+32

Requires: all Doom ports

(I used GZDOOM)

Archive maintainer/Reviewer:

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This is an exclusivity coming from GZW



















This is THE pwad of the past 10 years, a pure masterpiece...

Here is a preview of the Map14:

**** WARNINGS ****

1) This set of map must be played with an addon containing the textures of Doom I
like "Doom1_2.wad" made by Paulo on October 10, 1994, or "Wads1to2.wad" made by me on May 02, 2001 (this one is containing also other customized entries, like sprites, skies, ennemies and sounds). Here is the updated version optimized for Gzdoom on 2006, allowing the use of skies taller than 256x128 (256x240).

As far as there are new skies made by me, you MUST launch the addon BEFORE the main pwad (DM2Purge). Like that, it will not replace the skies of this pwad.

Both of the addons containing the Doom1 textures can be found on my site DLW, section "Utilities".

Why the necessity to use an addon?
Because I have merged the pwad "Purgatory", made on 1994 (E2M1 - E2M2, renamed Map09 - Map10). James told us that DM2Purge was a kind of sequel to DMPurge, with the same story. So, I remapped DMPurge to precede the maps of DM2Purge, beginning at Map11, and I have added 3 skies made by me.

I have also added the 2 musics (extracted from the Ultimate Doom), renamed accordingly to their new status of musics for Map09 and Map10.

I gave also a name for the first 2 levels, choosen from the story-board given by James.

I made finally a bex file (already included within the pwad) for the names of the levels and of the musics (2 of them are from James himself).

We must have in mind that the first 2 levels were made when James was not still a member of the project "Blood" published by Apogee Software, for which he was a mapper. But their quality gave him the skill to map for Blood and to be a full member (professionnal) of "Q Studios".

2) Ultra-violence has been designed for the best players only!!!
Even James wasn't able to bypass them at that level of difficulty. So, you'll have quite surely to select the skill 3 to enjoy this set (Hurt Me Plenty, for the average player).

I guess that I'm myself a psycho-doom player... I won after a terrible battle engaging all my skill and my concentration. But, at the same time, I didn't have the feeling to play a nightmare at all. This pwad is absolutely not insane, and the ammos and life are very well distributed. Of course, you'll have to be wise enough and to don't fire no matter how. For example, if you don't want to have a lack of ammos for your shotgun, use wisely the double barrel...
What is very impressive is the felling that this pwad is VERY hard but the challenge is possible. I already played numerous pwad totally insane, with hords of monsters coming from everywhere and without any sense. Here, the monsters are where they should be, and they come where they should come. It doesn't mean that it's predictable, oh no!!! I meant that they are simply perfectly placed and the gameplay is quite surely one of the best that I have ever seen. One of the hardest, but one of the best.
I engage you to save as often as you can, after each battle. Otherwise, you could have the bad feeling to be in front of an impossible battle, where you have to die and to die and to die, and to make again and again the same terrific battles.
I am absolutely not a tison, nor a master. But... when I read that James, the author himself, principal mapper of the game Blood, wasn't able to play it until the end, I begin to think that I'm not the worst player, after all, even with my 53 years!!!
It makes me think also that, when I say to a mapper that his map (I'm a beta tester for some authors) is insane and/or too much hard, he should listen to me carefully...
The authors have the very bad use to think that their map is not very hard, but they forget that they made it, and that they know what to do, when and how.
Here, with this Series of 9 maps, you are in front of what can be made to push your skill at the maximum possible, without giving to you the feeling to be in front of an impossibility. If a way seems impossible, you'll have to find another way to make your battles. You'll have to use YOUR BRAIN, and to think before acting. And, at the same time, you'll have to don't think and to act quickly when you will be in front of the monsters: what must I use? The double barrel? The  rockets? Or simply the shotgun? Where I must be: behind this pillar or on the right of this one, a little bit closer? Hmmm... If I am too much close, I won't have time to react and to hide me.
You see what I mean?
If you begin to think when you are in front of the monsters, you are dead !
You'll have to think before acting.
For example, the map32, which is the last map, has 2 cyberdemons, one behind you and one in front of you. What will you do, hey?
Then, after having killed them, you'll have to kill 4 archviles, before a general ressucitation... How will you proceed? Where to go and how to kill them?
Another example: on map31, you will be walking on large corridors, with hords of monsters coming in front and behind you. Impossible? No, it's perfectly possible!!! James built his maps with so much intelligency that you will find each time the way to solve a difficulty, even the strongest one.

Times of game:
- total time = 5h45
- Map32 = 19mn of the most intensive battle that I have ever made during the past 10 years.
- Average time = 38mn per map
- Skill 4
- without auto-aim
- without any cheat (like idclip or god mode from time to time, when the situation began to be too much hard). No no no!!! I played without any cheat at all.

Global notation:
- Gameplay          : 10/10
- Difficulty         : 10/10
- Architecture     : 10/10
- General feeling : 10/10

This set of maps is the absolute perfection: no error, no bug, nothing wrongly thought, nothing badly made.
This is only fun, pleasure and the final feeling to be the best player of the world: I won !!!
I didn't make any modification of the levels. The maps are untouched.

Text files made by the author

Archive Maintainer      : Jean-Yves "Jive" Delpech
Update to               : 22 oct, 2006
Advanced engine needed  : None
Primary purpose         : Single+Coop play
Title                   : Purgatory
Filename                : DMPURGE.WAD
Release date            : September 14, 1994
Author                  : James Wilson (aka Shade)
Email Address           : Cserve: 73651,2312 (73651.2312@compuserve.com)
Description             : Your trapped on that infernal moon base as usual. You've gotten to the point where you take out most everything that comes at you without blinking. You've become careless. You round a corner and meet a hail of fire and gunshot, and you're dead. You wake in a dark hole, awaiting the time when the denizens of hell will come and take you away for a permanent more-than-luke-warm bath of fire. BUT HEY! Just because you're dead doesn't mean that you can't still kick butt!  After all, going to hell for real didn't take away your shotgun (and they say you can't take it with you). You scrounge your way out of the dark hole and see a fortress in the distance. If you can reach it, then you can reclaim your lost soul from it's round blue container and free yourself from Purgatory.

Level notes             : This is my sixth Doom level created from scratch. It was primarily developed on registered DOOM version 1.666.  There ARE two levels in the wad, but the first one is short, and more of an intro to the second level.  The main level is large! Ikept the number of decorative objects (lamps, trees, and such) to a minimum to facilitate a fast wad, but those of you with slower computers may have problems with it slowing down.  YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR GAME IF YOU ARE USING DOOM VERSION 1.2, but you can save it with 1.666.

Title                   : Return to Purgatory
Filename                : DM2PURGE.WAD
Release date            : September 27, 1995
Author                  : James Wilson (aka Shade)
Email Address           : Cserve: 73651,2312

Misc. Author Info       : Level Designer for Q Studios currently working on the project "Blood" to be published by Apogee. These are the levels that earned me that position :). These levels included I've designed over a dozen levels for Doom 1 & 2.

Where's the rest?: For everyone's information these levels were talked up by myself as a nine-level episode with new graphics, sprites, a new monster and some new sounds and music.  As you might have noticed many of those things are missing. I'd like to formally apologize for not fully realizing this episode, but if you read the 'author info' section you know that I was  recently offered a job as a level designer,  and as a result this episode had to be cut short. The levels included ARE complete, and in the sequence that they would have originally appeared in, just the last two levels are missing, and there are no new graphics or sound (but there is new music).  I felt that it was better to release what I had rather than nothing at all.  Hope you enjoy them!!!

Installing        : 'Return to Purgatory' can be started one of two ways:  unzip dm2purge.zip into your Doom 2 directory and run purge.bat by typing 'purge' (exclude quotation marks) at the command prompt. This will start Doom 2 at the skill level "Hurt Me Plenty" and automatically warp you to Map 11, the first level of the episode.  The alternate way to start it would be to unzip dm2purge.zip to your Doom 2 directory and type: 'doom2 -file dm2purge.wad' (exclude quotation marks).  This will start up Doom 2 adding the new levels temporarily.  Starting this way allows you to select your difficulty level and view the demos. Start a game at your desired difficulty level, once the game starts type 'IDCLEV11' (again, no quotation marks).  This will warp you to map 11, where the episode begins.

The Story (huh?): Your trapped on that infernal moon base as usual. You've gotten to the point where you take out most everything that comes at you without blinking. You've become careless.  You round a corner andmeet a hail of fire and gunshot, and you're dead. You wake in a dark hole, awaiting the time when the denizens of hell will come and take you away for a permanent more-than-luke-warm bath of fire.  BUT HEY!  Just because you're dead doesn't mean that you can't still kick butt!  After all,  going to hell for real didn't take away your pistol (and they say you can't take it with you).  You scrounge your way out of the dark hole and see a fortress in the distance.  If you can reach it, then you can reclaim your lost soul and free yourself from Purgatory.

Episode Notes  : If that story seems familiar it's because it is taken from one of my Doom 1 levels entitled "Purgatory".  Given that information and noticing the title of this episode (Return to Purgatory) you can probably guess that this is kind of a sequel.  The individual level names are as follows:

                          Map09 - Intro - The dark hole
                          Map10 - The fortress of your lost soul
                          Map11 - The Prison
                          Map12 - The Temple
                          Map13 - Catacombs
                          Map14 - Ruins
                          Map15 - Outpost
                          Map31 - Hellhalls
                          Map32 - Goo

The Music        : Most of the music in this episode is taken from Heretic.  Two of the songs were written by yours truly. 

                          Map09 - E2M1 of Ultimate Doom
                          Map10 - E2M2 of Ultimate Doom
                          Map 11 - e1m1 of Heretic
                          Map 12 - e1m6 of Heretic
                          Map 13 - A song by myself
                          Map 14 - e2m1 of Heretic
                          Map 15 - e1m2 of Heretic
                          Map 31 - Another song by myself
                          Map 32 - e1m9 of Heretic
                          The Intermission song (Happygm) was written by Rick Kelly.

Hello?            :   If you like these levels let me know.  If you hate them, let me know why.  If you experience a problem with them PLEASE let me know so I can correct it.

* What is included *

New levels              : 7 (comment by Jive: 9 after my compilation with the previous episode for Doom I)
Sounds                  : No
Music                   : Yes
Graphics                : No
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : Yes (3 DOOM2 v1.9 demos) (note by Jive: There is no demo!!!)
Other                   : -
Other files required    : none

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM2
Map #                   : Map09, Map10, Map11, Map12, Map13, Map14, Map15, Map31 and Map32
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Player starts only
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Player starts only
Other game styles       : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (Hurt Me Plenty is for the average player, Ultra-violence has been designed for the best players only!!!  The two secret levels have NO DIFFICULTY SETTINGS!!!  They are designed to be the ultimate challenge (short of Level 30 of Doom 2), if you reach them you have to lump them!

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Build Time              : Heh
Editor(s) used          : DEEP 7.01, 32-bit Windeu, NWT, Deutex, Ted 1.2
Known Bugs              : Very occasional game crash with some older ports upon loading Map13 caused by problem with custom music file played on that level

May Not Run With...     : -

* Copyright / Permissions *

These levels are the sole property of the author (James Wilson).  They may be distributed freely as long as no money is charged for them (no CD compilations!!) and this text file is included with them, unless permission is given otherwise.  Computer gaming magazines MAY include them on compilation disks or CD's as long as the author is notified in advance.

Authors (MAY NOT) use this level as a base to build additional levels.  Authors (MAY) alter or play or do with this level pretty much anything else they want, I only ask that you give me credit as the original designer.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

- The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames/ and mirrors
- Compuserve: Gamer's Forum in the Action Game Aids section.
- Web site  : http://www.geocities.com/berserker79.geo/otherwads.html#Dmpurge
Files hosted by Berserker[79] on his personnal site, one part of it being dedicated to Doom stuff:
"Doom - Deepest pits of hell" (available as of 22 oct, 2006). Berserker[79] was lucky enough to have close contacts with James Wilson, who emailed to him the 2 sets of maps of the Purgatory Series. Thanks to him, they are now available for download pretty everywhere on the idgame archives hosted through the world... and at GZDoom Wads (aka GZW), the site of mine dedicated to wads compatible (or dedicated to, but there are quite rare) with the GZDoom engine.

- DoomWadStation: http://www.doomwadstation.net/idgames/doom2/d-f/