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Psycho2,  for Doom2









SP Doom2 (map 1)

New graphics: - YES
New Sounds: - NO
New Music: - NO
New Demo: - NO
Difficulty Settings: - NO

requires: Any Advanced port


Augustus Vortex

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This map's setting is one of a dangerous island filled with lush plantlife and skulking evil. Inspired by FarCry, this level has lots of atmosphere and plenty of action.




Made in the tradition of old school Doom maps, this level is a fun filled, monster laden map with plenty of surprises.


My Review:

From the moment you start, this map proves to be fairly challenging.  In the open areas, groups of monsters attack you from several directions and distances.  Youíre often bombarded by cacodemons, imps, zombies, and lost souls, making it difficult to dodge fire.  Many of these monsters are stuck on their ledges acting as snipers, making them difficult to avoid and hard to hit.  Running into another area to take cover serves to simply alert those enemies to your presence, which only adds to the situation.  The smart use of weapons and conservative use of ammo will get you through, but not without leaving you at half your health. 

When in tight quarters, well placed Revenants and Hell Knights make life difficult.  With no room to maneuver, you are forced to go toe to toe with these bruisers.  This is not a map where you can reckless run into an area and start firing with reckless abandon.  Though there are no new monsters, the smart use of existing ones combined with some well thought out traps will constantly keep you on your toes.   

The variety of settings this map provides keeps the level refreshing.  In one area you can find yourself in open courtyards battling hordes of demons, while the next youíre high above the action in a tower.  The use of such differing elevations gives the map a convincing 3D effect.  Many times while high up on these ledges, scores of monsters will appear, making you a nice, big target.  The lower elevations will often set you in canyons and corridors with sniper fire pummeling you from above.  There are a few surprises that will catch you off guard, and lots of fire to avoid while trying to regroup.  The arena setting was well done and adds a nice touch. 

This is a large but not huge map.  It is segmented into smaller sections, with each section having a different feel.  On occasion, once a switch is flipped, you will revisit a section only to find newly opened doors and fresh groups of monsters taking aim at you. 

The only complaint I had was the occasional lull in the action while plodding through the map between switches looking for the next fray.  It isnít always quite clear which direction you should go in next, and being that the map is non-linear, many times you will find yourself wandering through past battle grounds looking for the next open door.

Overall the map was well thought out.  Monster placement was done in effective, though sometimes almost overwhelming way.  The map was pleasant to look at, with earthen canyons, towering spires, and long narrow corridors.  It is challenging map with a nice surprise at the end that is definitely worth playing.







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