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Psycho1 for Doom2








SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Sematary

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My Review:

    For much of this map I was thinking that this was one of the better maps that I've played this year, and it is. I love the architecture, the gameplay, all of that. Really good. The author even uses the architecture as a way to get you moving through the level. You are required, in some instances, to jump to where you need to go (not always as easy as it looks). The hordes of monsters offer an ongoing battle and the map is WAY bigger than it first appears. All of that said, I was good right up till I finished defeating the Cyberdemon. The two Archviles and the revenants and battalions of other creatures offered a nice, constant, stream of bodies to pile upon the ground. The Cyberdemon was a challenge but doable. Then, it got ridiculous. I crossed a sea of blood (which unfortunately also takes health away) to walk into a hornets nest. Normally, I wouldn't even have many qualms about this but there are literally dozens of imps, and possibly a dozen or more Cacodemons and some zombies as well and you are COMPLETELY surrounded. Now, I'm certain that the author can finish this map. I can't, at least not without playing through it again and doing everything in my power to conserve ammo and even then I'm not sure it will be enough. The really ugly part is that even after (if) you finish this battle, there is more. I played this map for (easily) a couple of hours and there was still lots more to go (I told you it was a big map). Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of time or patience. Basically, it just reached a point where it became too much. For someone with more time and patience and perhaps better skillz, this map might be something you can finish. For the rest of us, ESPECIALLY if you are fairly new to DOOM, stay away. There are no skill levels implemented in the map, which means if you're not REALLY good, you aren't going to survive long in this map. If you ARE good and you have a few hours to set aside, you might want to give it a shot. I'd like to finish it, I really would. It's a stunning achievement architecturally and for the most part, gameplay wise. I'm pretty much wishing though that the author had made it shorter and implemented difficulty levels. By the way - the titlepic is changed (see above picture) and the sky texture is HOT!


Overall Composite Score: 8.0










































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