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Nilla,  for Doom2







SP Doom2  (map 1 - 7)

requires: any BOOM port


Reviewer: Sematary

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From the author:

     A set of varied levels focused on fast, fun gameplay.
My initial goal was to create maps suitable for the
original engine. Most of the levels work without any
problems in doom2.exe, while some may have tiny bugs
here and there from the limitations. I also made
this set for a quick project to whip up and release
for the Doom community. Giving myself the limit of
doom2.exe helped me stay focused and get these maps
done before they got any bigger! Also, I think demo
makers will have fun with these maps, and I hope to
see some cool demos!
The original set was to be 11 maps, but I have other
stuff I have to work on and this was supposed to be
wrapped up months ago...life sucks ;P
The other 4 maps are planned and WILL be made, sort
of like a special edition. Just not at the moment.
Maybe after CC2...


The Story:

Ah, what a beautiful morning. The birds are out, the early sun is painting the sky a healthy orange color, start of a perfect day! You're a Doom Marine, and you've been living peacefully in Plasma Springs for a few years now. With the demons gone, you've settled down and purchased a nice place to live out
your days, with a cute moat and some creepy trees to prune.
After getting up and washing your face, you put on your old armor and prepare to do some serious gardening...that is, after you read the paper. Walking up to your little silver door with the fancy lighted doorframe, you press the
latch and head outside...

Only to be greeted by the satanic howling of demons! Sweet mayonaise! Those sneaky bastards have once again fouled Earth with their presence. Good thing you always take your pistol with you to get the paper...

Better head to the neighbors and warm them about the invasion. You haven't left Plasma Springs in a few weeks, but you've had enough barbecues with your neighbors to know they're decent Marines...most of them anyway. You hope the people you haven't met are at least civilized. Gotta get moving, those demons are spreading fast!



My Review:


    The author says that he was aiming for fast gameplay. I'd say he succeeded fairly well. There is no shortage of badasses in these maps and you don't get alot of time to react. In fact, right at the beginning of the first map, you had better be moving or you're going to become banther fodder before you can call for backup from the galactic empire. Wait - sorry, wrong story. ;-)


    So I'll keep this simple. The gameplay is intense and more or less constant. The maps are large and well done and you won't get bored. This map set earns high marks. Have fun!
























































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