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Karnak Temple,  for Doom2









Slawomir Law

SP Doom2 TNT (map 31)

requires: any port

Reviewer:Black Sentinel

Sidenote: This was modeled after Powerslave, or an actual ruin.

Still cool tho.  If you've never tried Powerslave, get it somewhere.

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About Karnak Temple  (by author)

 This is second level in my Egypt episode. I got ideas from book about old times, like Greece, Rome and Egypt. I never wasn't in Egypt so locations in level can be little different than locations in real life Egypt. I just looked on the photos in book. This level has some temples  in Karnak, tomb of Ramses and other things. You must find a way to the nearest city - Luxor.

Additional Credits to   : To that book and to authors of game Poverslave: Ruins of something.


My Review:


    This is a very straightforward map with textures and structuring that was practical and close to the real thing as Doom could make it.  Using the textures of TNT and the Powerslave sprites, this map had a nice look of  Egyptian ruins.  Though there were not a whole lot of bad guys, they were placed in spots where the player could get a hassle from sniper fire.  What really got me was the crypt.  The two Archies hangin' out there gave me what for until I was able to get the drop on them.  
    Though I felt that the detail was lacking in aesthetic value, the shapes and heights of the areas really did feel like an ancient temple, so don't got digging around looking for eye-popping stuff 'cause it ain't in here.  Aside from the few times I bought it at the hands of the Arch-Viles, the action wasn't all that heavy.  In fact, it was moderate at best.  The map was wide and open, sometimes making it tedious going in-between zones looking for keys and secrets, and the fighting goes fast.  One or two baddies get shot, and it's over.  Karnak was slow going, but it was a little fun in parts.  
    In conclusion, this is a one shot deal, or half a shot if you get bored after the first couple of skirmishes.  I credit the mapper who took the time to research Egypt and to build this map.  I wish that it could have had more action though, and a bit more detail with the textures.  So, I give this one an "ehhh, o.k."


















































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