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The Island,  for Doom2







Jason Farlow

SP Doom2 (map 1)

New graphics: - YES
New Sounds: - YES
New Music: - NO
New Demo: - NO
Difficulty Settings: - YES

requires: GZdoom or Zdoom


Augustus Baumgartner

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Description: (by the author)

I tried to make a tropical forest island kind of like FarCry.  
Hopefully I succeeded somewhat.




This map's setting is one of a dangerous island filled with lush plantlife and skulking evil. Inspired by FarCry, this level has lots of atmosphere and plenty of action.




9  On EASY, this map can prove fairly challenging. Exploration is key here, as all the health and ammo you need to survive has been tucked away in the bushes all across the map. And this is a H-U-G-E area. The new variations of the imp can be lethal in small groups, as one has a rather tenacious homing attack, as well as the "imp warlord", who happens to have a very functional shield to go with it. Some of the island's traps unleash considerable hordes of cacodemons and a pain elemental here and there. Due to the wide open nature of the environment, the gasbags have lots of manueverability, and thats not the half of it. Should you wander into certain areas insufficiently stocked , you may be facing little spider-freaks with rail guns for a face and a nasty boss with nothing but a chaingun and shotgun, and thats VERY bad. Whatever you do, make sure you have plenty of firepower when you enter the lab, cuz you are gonna need it.




10 Oh, where to begin. The experience this map offers is quite unique, and just plain awesome to look at. The action doesn't really stop, it seems you are always running into an ambush or a hidden monster, but not so much that you feel hounded, at least, not until the last part, just before you face off with the demon boss. The wide expanse the level offers can easily have a player wandering around for a half hour on the first try. The level gradually gets darker the longer you play, which can complicate things, but not so much that you don't know where you are going. Be on the look out for black imps and spectres in the darker areas, as I found myself being flanked by the little buggers while I dealt with bigger baddies like a hellknight or cacodemon. Experienced Doomers will want to try UV, as the level of action is much more heinous.


Level Design:10 There are lots of interactive elements in this place, with specific mission objectives in order to finish the level. The author brought a lot of zDoom tricks to bear with this one, and to great effect. This place has more slopes than a ski resort, lots of deep water, scrolling stormy skies, a 3D bridge here and there, forcefields, all well executed, and I saw no signs of polyobj bleeding in the rotating reactor construct.

The camera cinematics are a nice touch that make this thing rock-solid. The only possible issue with this map is that its size can bog down slower computers, especially if it is being ran in the GZDOOM port. My system briefly paused when the autosave kicked in, and the rest of the time I got a pretty decent framerate. NOTE:( my comp runs AMD athlon xp 1.9 ghz 512 MB RAM 128 MB NVIDIA GEFORCE 5500 FX.).



overall :

9.6 This map ROCKS!!!!!!!


Note: For the best visual experience, I suggest using GZDoom if you have the hardware acceleration, the lighting of the map looks much better than in standard zDoom.















































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