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Grim Ripper for Doom2








Jaromir Bergmann

SP Doom2 (map 1-13)

requires: ZDoom, Legacy. 
Author recommends Legacy

Reviewer:Blue Paladin

Sidenote: Some levels take you on a trip into past Doom levels


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 As you can see, there's plenty of ammo to use.  Don't get trigger happy tho...

Wanna take a dip in the pooowulll??  It's guaranteed to perk you up... 

 Buckshot does wonders for that combination skin...






Oh, no, not the CompWeird maze thingy again.... Yeah, but what''s hiddin' in there will peal your grape just the same!!

About Grim Ripper for Doom2  (by author)

 First level of sequel Grimm Ripper Returns is being under construction.
Grim Ripper originally contained 15 levels but I found 2 of them
unworthy playing (I was not satisfied with the look) so I removed them.
Few early levels may still suffer from things like unalligned textures
and generally are far from perfect. The majority of levels in this wad
look fine though (in my opinion).

My Review:

    The action is good and keeps you on your toes, there is plenty of powerups to use (you'll need them too) and there are secrets out the wazoo from start to finish.  The game lulls a bit when you're trying to find the switches, or back tracking to where you saw that Blue door, or trying to find the key.  It gets tedious having to fight all of the way thru one part, activate something, then back track, sometimes back to the start-level point, to find out what you activated.  A few levels look so much like the original Doom II levels that I had to stop playing, go back to my King Doom Frontend, and find out if I'm playing the right wad!  The design was straight traditional Doom II mapping, nothing innovative.  Still, the gameplay was interesting, and you will get a spanking here and there.  Anyone will get some good fun out of this wad.

Overall Composite Score:  8.5





Waarriorrrs, come out and playiiiayyyyy..... 

This is why mama tells you to wash your face... zits can be a bad thing...

Nothing like the thrill of turning a Chaingunner into Polska Kielbasa... 

No, this is NOT map01 of Doom II! This could really pass for it tho... 


































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