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SP Doom II (map 01)

requires: no specific port
Reviewer: Sematary

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My Review:



    I'm a little torn on how to review aspects of this map so I'll save the hard stuff for last and start with the gameplay. There was an overabundance of pretty much everything in this map - too much ammo, too many weapons, too much health - you name it. There were a couple of times where the author caught me out but for the most part, the beginning was the most difficult and once I got my ass handed to me a couple of times and I had an opportunity to see where the fire was coming from, I was all set. It was cake after that. There were a couple of good traps, as I said, but for the most part there was nothing particularly strenuous about the battles I found myself embroiled in. With the plethora of creatures in this map and the difficulty that each should have provided, the gameplay was rather bland. There were Revenants and Arch-viles and at the end not one, but two Cyberdemons and pretty much every other creature in the game besides and it STILL wasn't that difficult on UV. I'd say it was my expert skills but I don't believe so. There were a couple of dynamics at work here....


1. WAY too much ammo

2. Poor placement of creatures in many instances, making them easier to kill than they otherwise might be.

3. Too strong a weapon for what was needed. Basically, I'm saying that the dispersal of weapons to the marine weren't very well done.


Even the Cyberdemons were cake when I had a ton of ammo and the rocket launcher and the plasma gun to beat them with. That, coupled with a wide open area where avoiding their rockets was way too easy, they were defeated in short order.

So, if you are a moderately good player, you might be amused by this map but you won't find it particularly challenging... Lesser players may find this a challenge but the overabundance of weapons/ammo might prove me wrong.


Now to the map...

    This is a fairly large map with several distinct areas and a fairly non-linear feel to it. Most of the doors are opened by switches elsewhere which lends to the non-linear feel.

Design wise - I was impressed with the lighting effects (very nicely done in many areas) and at points the architecture and design seemed truly inspired. At others it wasn't quite as impressive - especially the larger, open areas which suffered from a decided lack of detail. Overall though, I would have to give this map high marks for design and must also give credit to the designer for using the map against the player. On the downside, I saw several doors with the lower textures pegged, which meant they rose with the door. A minor point but something that can break you out of the game in a hurry if you notice it. Also, there were some areas near the beginning that I don't believe the author meant to be accessible by simply jumping through a window but that was the case and it forced me to try not to do that in order to play the map in the manner intended. That, and, well, if you jump into an area too soon - you will not have the necessary weapons to fight off what you find.


My overall impression:


For a first Doom map (he's created RTCW maps before) this was a reall good effort but I think the author needs to spend more time playtesting the gameplay and getting a feel for how enemy movement works and what areas are good or bad to place an enemy in. His mapping is quite good and with some work could be excellent. I do recommend this map to the average Doomer who should be at least moderately challenged by this map. I also recommend it to budding authors who should see what makes this map good (and the not so good points).