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Ectopia for Doom2







Oculus Orbis

SP Doom II (map 01)

requires: Zdoom/Gzdoom
Reviewer: Akira

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My Review:



Technical: 9.5

This map was very well designed with 3D floors and other zdoom features. There were some cool open areas and also some rather enclosed dark areas, giving a pleasant variety. I think the marble texture was slightly overused, but apart from that the design was near perfect. Oh, and did I mention the dramatically improved liquid texture?


Game play: 8.5

This was a very enjoyable map. At the beginning, you find yourself in a very dark tunnel with a few enemies. At first I thought ďOh great, another one of those stupid maps where itís so dark thereís no point in playing.Ē However my first impressions were soon proved wrong when the really good designing started to show. There was quite a lot of navigating through acid pools with cleansuits, but you are able to stay under for ever without running out of air (?).

I donít think this map was too difficult. The difficulties were well made, I found ultra violence very difficult but possible, and Hurt me plenty kind of challenging. The amount of enemies/ enemy placement was incredibly well balanced. There werenít any areas with an excess of enemies yet there were always a few to stop you dropping your guard.

There were also some subtle differences made to the enemies. If you play on UV there is a semi-invisible cacodemon that only appears when it attacks. The same goes for a bunch of demons which was a right pain as I was trying to run across a bridge without falling into acid pools!

The coolest part of the map was the hall of mirrors, for sure. Itís dead easy to get lost in, plus there are other marines lurking around in the maze, so you never know whether what you are faced with is a marine or a reflection!

Well worth the download if you are up for a 10 minute quickie.


Overall score: 9.0


Reviewer: Akira