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Darkroom for Doom2







Giancarlo Carini

SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: No specific port

Reviewer: Sematary

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From the author:

Darkroom is basically self explanatory. It consists of
different unique darkrooms. Easy mode is as intended.
Easy for those who like an easy level. Ultra violence is
a bit harder. In the beginning it is tough people tell me.
You can't just sit still the first 15 seconds, or you'll
get grounded into the wall. Grab that shot-gun and get


My Review:

    To begin with, this wasn't all that dark, at least not on my screen. It wasn't exactly bright but calling it dark wouldn't be right either. Although this is the authors first *real* level, as he calls it, it is fairly well done.


As he says in his txt file  - it is difficult at times (really difficult), but despite the fact that he absolutely LOADED this map up with badasses, it wasn't as bad as it might appear at first glance. For creatures there was a preponderance of Hellknights and Barons as well as a few Mancubii hiding in the shadows (not many shadows actually). I also ran across the bony a few times, etc... You get the idea - there are some real BAD dudes in this map. Unfortunately, the author placed them in such a way that for the most part they were easy prey. Not to say that they didn't offer a challenge, but it isn't as challenging as you might believe with all those guys in there. Hanging out in a long (or even short) hallway with a Hellknight or two is not the most difficult task in the world as long as you can strafe. Hell, stand toe to toe with them if you can and blast away. Bonies are a different story, though. You need to duck and cover as you pump shotgun rounds into them. Be fast and be accurate. One thing I didn't see coming was towards the end of the level when I found myself out of ammo and low on health but conserving ammo isn't really an option here - there are ALOT of monsters to kill and that is definitely good news for the difficulty.


As for design - not bad, not great but not bad. It is a middle of the road design that is fairly straighforward with a dearth of architectural design implemented. But, from a rookie - it was a good first effort and I didn't notice any glaring mistakes.


For the most part I think most people will find this to be an enjoyable map. It has lots of action to spare and trying to finish the map with no ammo and no health can be a real kick in the ass, if you know what I mean - but I did manage to get all the way through.

Good first release! I hope to see more of this authors work in the future.

Overall Composite Score: 6.6











































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