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Canary Squadron for Doom2







Chris Bourke

SP Doom2 (map 1-6)

requires: Any port will do.

Reviewer: Sematary

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From the author:

As a convict serving an indefinate sentence, the Prison Service have given the UAC permission to send you and some others on a probe mission beneath the surface of an unamed planet. However, as it's hostile inhabitants are discovered and things start going wrong, communications with the UAC starcraft fail and you are left to rot. Before long your comrades are all shredded but, being as tough as you are, you survive
the initial ambush and venture deeper - hoping to find a way out.



My Review:

    Honestly, I didn't hold out much hope for this set of maps while I was playing map01. It was drab, completely lacking in any type of detail and gameplay straight up sucked. I was bored out of my skull and hoping that it would get better. Fortunately for the author, me, and the Doom community at large, it does. Simply play through the first map as quick as you can (not a real challenge) then be prepared to see something in the form of actual map making. Personally, I would have chucked the first map. The author says he made it in a day. It shows. It sucks. It DOES get better.


Map 2 and beyond:

The gameplay improves immensely as you move into the second level. There is better design, with more depth to the level. It is more difficult (not hard to do) and it is short on health so you have to stay on your toes. One of the things I thought really gave the difficulty (and the gameplay) a shot in the arm was the stealth imps. TOTALLY didn't see those coming!

    Moving into Level 3, the maps got even better but the gameplay wasn't as exciting as the 2nd level. The beginning of the map you get hammered (right after you die at the end of level 2 to end the map). After that the map was fairly easy for someone with skillz and there was more ammo than really necessary. Better balance would be something I would recommend the author work on for future projects! Don't get me wrong though - it's a nice map and the average doomer will most certainly be challenged but the Uber Doomers will be bored.

    I'll let you explore the rest of the maps on your own and see where it goes from here gameplay wise.


On the design side, I think I said all I need to about the first map. It looked and felt like it was made by somebody who simply didn't care how it came out. It gets better after that and I'm glad it did or I would have simply chucked the whole thing and moved on to something else.


Overall, I think the maps are fairly well done. I don't think you're going to see the BEST in design or gameplay but they aren't dogs either. Give them a shot and see what you think.

Overall Composite Score: 7.2










































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