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Bloody Isle for Doom2






Alex "Tac" Tacinelli


SP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: any port

Reviewer:Blue Paladin



Though this map was designed for Windows Doom (original Doom 2), I played it in ZDoom.  I have no idea how the player could make it though this map had the jump feature not been used....

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About Bloody Isle for Doom2  (by author)

 A great battle has occurred on a mysterious island and you've been called in to clean up and find out what has happened. Only when you obtain the yellow input card can you leave.


My Review:

This map is deceptively peaceful at the beginning, in fact, it's EMPTY; void of bad guys.  But, once you find your way onto the island that's floating on a sea of blood, the head peeling begins.  Not only is it tedious trying to find your way throughout the many locked doors and switches, you get pelted by Spider Demons that are situated on parapets and towers, showered by missiles from sniping Revenants, and ambushed by teleporting Imps.  This is not an easy map.  This is not a map for the impatient or for those who hate puzzle solving.

You will have to save frequently before entering new areas (that should be standard anyway).  There are no radical structures or textures or anything, save for a custom MIDI file that sounds pretty cool.  Still, this is a twisted version of Suburbs from the original Doom 2, I feel.  A downside is that you can jump over some walls to get into some of the rooms, and you can easily find yourself  stuck in places you jumped into and would have to start over.  Other spots are designed for you to jump to ( I think), including a couple of secret areas.   Also, in one section, there's an invisible bridge that teleports you back to the starting end if you stray too far off the crooked path.   Even the Blue key, essential for moving on to the next part, was too well hidden.  I happened upon it by accident while dodging Imp crossfire. Some doors can only be activated from the opposite side and that side can't be reached though conventional means.  


I managed to avoid fighting in some instances by pretty much just running away.  The ammo is very limited as is the health and that keeps things very tense.  

This map is not linear, but it is too ambiguous with direction.  You will wander for long periods of time before you figure out the puzzles and find the way to the keys that are WELL HIDDEN.  The only key visible is the Yellow one and that isn't easy to reach either.  I did not enjoy the wandering.  I 'm not too keen on "Suburbs" type maps where you have to wander all over the place for switches; going here, flip one, go all of the way back across the map to get another switch...  Still, I had some fun with this one.  If you're into this kind of thing, have at it.  Else, get something that's a little more direct.









































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