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Battlefield for Doom2









MP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: Legacy or Zdoom

Reviewer: Sematary


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About Battlefield for Doom2  (by author)

Doom Version: Doom II w/ ZDoom
Singleplayer/Cooperative: No
Deathmatch: Yes
Recommended # Of Players: 4

This is the first wad in the Battlefield series that I'm currently working on.
While much time and effort has gone into making this map, the basis is very simple.
It is set up to be like a battlefield and everything for each player is fair and
All of the item locations are the same for all sides. I have finally worked out all of the imperfections/clipping errors and as far as I know after extensive testing (with Doom2Pro, the GUI Author for ZDaemon, as a matter of fact ;)), I believe this map to be final. Please send  any Questions/Comments/Suggestions to Cathesdus@gmail.com and I'll
be more then happy to look them over and possibly implement them into my next map.


My Review:

First off, the author says that this map is made for Doom2/Zdoom. I love Zdoom but it is not the best port for LAN play. I used Legacy, which I personally feel is the easiest port for home LAN games.


Anyway, onward and upward. This is a very small map. It is square with some walls and such in the middle to give you something to hide behind. There is a lift to a room with the plasma gun and in the center is the BFG. In two corners are raised rooms which hold rocket launchers and also, near the center, is the double barrel. Ok. Enough about the weapons. On to the gameplay. My son and I deathmatched this on our home lan. His feeling was that it would be way too easy to sit on the spawn spots and wait for someone to materialize but with the small size of the map, I would say that sitting and waiting for anything is suicide. The BFG sits on a lift in the center of the map and while this is ok for two players, it would be nearly impossible to have the time to retrieve it with four players.


There is nothing really special about the map but it was fun with two players with a fairly constant fragfest going on and plenty of opportunities to put the double barrel to work as well as the rocket launchers. The BFG got used a couple of times but really, unless there are more players, it is easily dodged. The chaingun was also present but I never used it.


I guess this is supposed to resemble a battlefield scenario and with the low walls throughout the floor of the map it sort of does resemble one. Anyway, you will probably have fun with this on your lan so go and get it.
















































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