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Annie for Doom2





Vulture Software

MP Doom2 (map 1)

requires: a boom compatible port like Gzdoom

Reviewer: Doom4ever

Download the file


About River.wad for Doom2 †(by author)

Doom Version: Doom II (no specific port recommended, I used Gzdoom)
Deathmatch: not mentioned
Recommended # Of Players: 1

From the author(s):
32 new levels featuring intense combat, nice gameplay and interesting design. Travel through UAC facilities, space stations, Hell and unknown terrain to ultimately hunt down Annie, a genetically modified Spider Mastermind which escaped the UAC labs.

This will not be a walk in the park because she is assisted in her escape by the forces of Hell. But hey, donít let that get you down. At least youíll find a new weapon along the way that will help you in your struggle to save the world from eternal darkness once more..


Please note that this is NOT the full 32 level megawad but is, instead, a 3 level demo. The project is not yet complete. The reviewer (Doom4Ever) states that this is an excellent set of maps though. Here's his review:


My Review:

Let me start off by stating that this is a top notch wad with plenty of detail and eye candy. There are no HOM's or any miscelaneous map errors to speak of, despite the fact that there are so many little niches and detailed corners in this map. I give Vulture Software a lot of credit for wanting to stay as close to the original doom as possible (shying away from 3-D effects for instance) and still making a DAMNED GOOD GAME. If you're a new author PLEASE take a look at how doing the little things like making complex light fixtures, lining up textures well, and pushing your switches inside of walls can do for a wad. I also love the "this wad is much larger than you" feel of these levels. Everywhere you go there are little side passages and windows pointing to a larger world then just where you happen to be. This is a very doom 3 style of mapping that I find missing in many maps.

But this wad is not just about attention to detail in architecture, as it is also about plenty of fighting and letting lose every scrap of ammo you can find. The monsters are in every corner and around every stack of crates that you come across so it makes for a consistently action packed fight. Also there are numerous semi-secret cashes of ammo and health hidden behind various peices of architecture.
The level design really comes through in monster placement and battle design. In every battle you come across you always have a way to loop around your opponents or duck behind a pillar, giving the player the ability to pounce on unsuspecting demons with his shotty. I absolutely loved how much play testing these guys must have done to create such excellent battle grounds. There are crates, pillars, rocks, and railings to duck behind or run around to catch opponents off guard.

Also, each level seems different from the last in monster placement and architectural design. On level one you're fighting in some kind of giant bunker, looking out at a barren landscape, while ducking behind crates and boxes. In the next you're running through gloomy tunnels and finally in the third you're in much larger rooms surrounded by pipes and imps on high perches in some kind of toxic factory, while you scurry about on somewhat skinny platforms trying to dodge sniper fire from chaingunners scattered on pillars around you.

Ammo is not plentiful in these levels, nor is it scarce. There is enough to kill every monster and still have a little left over for the next level. The health is plentiful but you have to keep reminding yourself that these are only levels 1-3 in a megawad that will gradually be getting harder.

The versitality of level design, creative monster placement, and plenty of small spaces to duck into make this map extremely fun to run through, especially for the skilled doomer who will appreciate such advantages. I'm pretty good but not great and ran through this in about forty minutes on ultra mainly because I wanted to look around and do a good review. Any doomer will enjoy this map simply because of the architecture but I must say that the difficulty was pretty low, especially with all the spots to hide behind. A decent doomer will snipe and outgun his opponents one at a time with the shotty. But you have to remember that this is only the first three levels in a very promising mega wad, so the levels will only be slightly difficult with the occasional barron and Revenant making an appearance. Please tell Vulture Software what you thought of their wad to encourage them to continue making them! LINK TO THEIR HOME PAGE:
Now get out there and start looking for Annie!!!†



 Doom is still easily one of the best video game series ever made.











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