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Enterprise, NX01 for Doom2






Lorenzo Davia ( Website )

SP Doom2 (map 1)

New graphics       : YES
New Sounds         : YES
New Music          : YES
New Demo           : NO
Difficulty Settings: YES

Requires: GZdoom or Zdoom

Reviewer: Sematary

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The Enterprise NX-01 is investigating a space anomaly.
Demons suddenly begin to teleport themselves on the starship and the MACOs start a cruel battle against the invaders while the crew is evacuated on a Vulcan starship.
The demons gain the upper hand and assume the control of the main computer system, which is blocked by a Genetic Key. Dr Phlox creates a device to get this key from the demons DNA;
all the instructions for the correct development of this key are stored in the Dr Phlox's blue PADD, unluckly the demons attack the Infermery and stole the PADD.
Your mission is clear: you must infiltrate the Enterprise, rescue the Blue PADD and get control over the starship.

Suggestion : In this level there are many active computer stations. You can notice that a computer station
is usable because it is lit up and marked with blue health bonuses.



The Review:



This is a relatively well made map based on the Enterprise NX01. You definitely get the feeling that you are on a spacecraft of some sort, although whether or not it is the enterprise is open to interpretation. The use of starfields outside the ship windows enhances the illusion.


Level Design:

    Very nice, actually. the use of slopes really gave this map a nice look as I travelled the various corridors in search of my prey. The sameness of the corridors left be dazed and confuzed as to position in this map at times but I began to learn my way around after being in it for a half hour or so. There are a great many different rooms aboard the nx01 for you to explore. Be prepared every time you open a door.


    You will run the gamut here. Toranga included just about every monster save the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind in this one. In fact, just to make it EXTRA challenging, after you destroy the space anomaly, you are informed that in order to exit the map, you must re-explore the Enterprise and dispatch not one, not two, but FIVE Archviles and the creatures they have re-animated. Of course, by this time, you should be fairly familiar with the map and fortunately, the Archies are contained within individual areas, not simply roaming the ship. This makes it a little easier to hunt down and kill these badasses. One tip - don't waste your plasma ammo. Save it for these guys!



    While this map definitely had it's moments, the difficulty on UV was not too outrageous. In most instances, the creatures were contained within a room and it was not too difficult to stand outside, open door, shoot, wait, open door, shoot - etc... You get the idea. There were some battles in the corridors that involved creatures like Cocodemons, Barons, Imps, etc...

Any decent player can dispatch with these guys fairly easily and move on.

There is also a fair amount of health and ammo lying about and health vials are used to indicate where a computer terminal is that might assist you in your quest. I would say that, for the average doomer, this map won't be a cakewalk but neither will it be extremely difficult. Just use your head and your weapons wisely and you'll get through ok. Uber Doomers may find this map a little lacking in the challenge department and n00bs will simply get creamed at every corner. I suggest rookies play this on hurt me plenty or one of the other lower settings.


Favorite feature:
I really enjoyed the look of the map. It has some very well designed areas and the idea that you are on a starship is unmistakeable.

Biggest flaw:
There were actually two things that I didn't particularly care for. The first was the music. It simply didn't fit the map or give the player the correct atmosphere for playing. The other thing was the search for keys to move the game along. I spent too much time searching and not enough time fighting - especially before I deployed the Red key. After that, there was plenty of action.

Overall Impression:
     I give this map two headstones up! For the most part there is plenty of bloodshed to be had and the design is excellent. I also enjoyed the use of zdoom features such as interactive computers, etc... to move the story along. Very nicely done. I think the majority of Doomers will enjoy and appreciate what this map accomplishes. Well done.











































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